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  1. Totty

    Top 5 T0lls in Rwd/vip2 History?

    Damn, I wasn't that bad
  2. Totty

    Missing VIP2 fallen brethren

    ahh the good old days
  3. Totty

    VIP2 Reunion

    bump. pre-vip2/rwd forum roll call
  4. Totty

    hiphop Stalley

    Album's decent. I prefer the Lincoln Way Nights mixtape though
  5. Totty

    2014 FIA Formula 1

    Hopefully Hamilton can win this weekend. Still have a bad feeling about the double points race.
  6. Totty

    Your Recommended Album(s)

    Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City Radiohead - OK Computer Radiohead - Kid A Sigur Ros - () Sigur Ros - Takk The Strokes - Is This It
  7. Totty

    FIFA 11

    I'm hoping for these improvements: Night time matches for all European ties Lengthy Cutscene showing your players lifting the cup after winning a tournament/league More stadia (ie. WHL, Ibrox, Amsterdam Arena, Eastlands) A revamped Manager mode Heres hoping
  8. Totty

    Chick with a gold tooth...

    A female with a gold tooth usually results in a red flag, much like a lower back tattoo. I try to stay away from these types.
  9. Totty

    Is Hotfile The New Rapidshare?

    oh... you cool. Where's all the old lot?
  10. Totty

    Is Hotfile The New Rapidshare?

    Who's this? Forgive me for asking, but there seems to be many name changes.
  11. Totty

    Lokomotiv Fans Give Thanks

    Fifa need to force these football federations to issue tougher penalties/sanctions against clubs. Advantage England 2018
  12. Totty

    Is Hotfile The New Rapidshare?

    The hotfile dl speeds are very underwhelming. Megaupload and Netload are far better
  13. Totty

    so tiger woods and his mrs divorce

    Tiger's still got his healthy bank account to console during this tough period.