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  1. darkman

    boxing Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder - 1st Dec

    Because splits should be solely based on how many seats you sell...🙄
  2. darkman

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Tricky can talk about role models but what example / message do his own team set?
  3. darkman

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

    Something must of happened in the past. Got the feeling they dont like each other as they never promote each others music
  4. darkman

    GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018

  5. darkman

    mcfc Manchester City: All or Nothing

    A wise man once said "what happens in the dressing room is sacrosanct..."
  6. darkman

    Should it be banned

    Tough one but I'd lean towards yes.
  7. darkman

    NFTR - Not For The Radio (Interviews)

    Not a bad interview.
  8. darkman

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    So is Dillian Whyte a PPV only fighter now?
  9. darkman

    mufc Paul Pogba

    Like Neville said yesterday. The criticism isn't personal..he came with high expectations and hasn't performed.
  10. darkman


    FFS @ the kid
  11. darkman

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Souness with some truth
  12. darkman

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Sad thing is no one in current squad has the quality to make a difference
  13. darkman

    Semi Finals (& 3rd place match)

    Harry Kane is very good..the problem is those around him. He was dropping too deep though Alli offers nothing Lingard too weak and offers nothing
  14. darkman


    Let's not forget he's coming back from serious injury.. Anyway his mentality is completely wrong regardless