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  1. Week 16 & 17 - 17/18 Premier League

    Lukaku is a perfect example of what I've been saying on this forum for years but no one seems to get it Scoring goals / performing well at one team in the league doesn't mean you can do it for every team. He isn't and will never be good enough to lead the line for United
  2. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Do we see other comedians like Ashley Inkz, a squeezy, Mikeys comedy etc as cooning as well?
  3. The Chicken Connoisseur

    Hopefully he stays himself but can't see it happening
  4. General Boxing Thread

    Jack is light heavy now and both Groves and De Gale showed that they're on his level
  5. General Boxing Thread

    He lost to Froch and Jack. No shame in that When you say world class you're talking current fighters out there? What super mids are world class to you?
  6. General Boxing Thread

    Groves and De Gale too
  7. The Music Video Thread

    Tribez one of the best out
  8. President Donald Trump Thread

    Morning and afternoon tbh
  9. 2017 Hot Summer

    This is 2 seperate incidents?
  10. Neymar

    Sad day for football
  11. President Donald Trump Thread

    Don't forget he rescinded law for transgender students in schools too
  12. President Donald Trump Thread

    He just doesn't give a fuck
  13. The Music Video Thread

    Different league
  14. Neymar

    Don't they need a Xavi replacement more importantly?
  15. President Donald Trump Thread

    he went on one leg