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  1. darkman

    African Child

    How can you invite someone on your show and call him an idiot. Madness
  2. I read an comment in today's paper which sums him up "The Spaniard won plenty of medals but was never the driving force for success"
  3. Was he really a top player? I'm not so sure
  4. An era of failure and mediocrity
  5. He might earn more fighting Brook. Brook is deseperate for the first but can't see it happening
  6. Ozil is the perfect example of why Wenger failed so badly in the last few years
  7. Because splits should be solely based on how many seats you sell...?
  8. Tricky can talk about role models but what example / message do his own team set?
  9. Something must of happened in the past. Got the feeling they dont like each other as they never promote each others music
  10. A wise man once said "what happens in the dressing room is sacrosanct..."
  11. Tough one but I'd lean towards yes.
  12. So is Dillian Whyte a PPV only fighter now?
  13. darkman

    Paul Pogba

    Like Neville said yesterday. The criticism isn't personal..he came with high expectations and hasn't performed.
  14. Sad thing is no one in current squad has the quality to make a difference
  15. Harry Kane is very good..the problem is those around him. He was dropping too deep though Alli offers nothing Lingard too weak and offers nothing
  16. Let's not forget he's coming back from serious injury.. Anyway his mentality is completely wrong regardless
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