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  1. the national is a good day and lots of fun but i hate when people talk about it as a propa race and you get all these people who bet once a year talking about their tips lol
  2. just finished watching it all again, season 5 was better than I remembered. // I reckon the hound is still alive
  3. black people invented every genre of music?? venom>>>>>>>
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyYX9YX3VTs
  5. http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/tyson-fury-lays-into-anthony-joshua-s-boxing-style-010416?utm_campaign=TheSportBible-Post-Engagement&utm_medium=paid_social_external&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=Tyson-Fury-has-launched-a-brutal%2C-personal-attack-on-Anthony-Joshua.-This-is-below-the-belt-even-for-Tyson...&utm_term=M-18-35
  6. Dillian Whyte ‏@DillianWhyte 30m30 minutes ago Hey @anthonyfjoshua are you in the Sunday times today hahahahhahaha @thesundaytimes #muscles
  7. oh no, of course i laughed at the missed jab and then collapse
  8. think they parked outside the couples buisness know idea why the oldies reacted like that bu the geezer didnt need to hit her ator
  9. i dont like AJ but really dont want him to fight fury. dont like bullying
  10. remember watching the two ronnies as a kid on sundays RIP
  11. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhUzn7p43Ino8924ob "boy, who he gon fight out here?" little did they know....
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