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  1. Someone who gets it. I'll always rate this forum but I'm far too old to get involved in the drama so if anyone wants to chat to me for some answers - hit me up in the DMs and I'll call/email you.
  2. streets.

    Baby got back.

    Life + Twitter + work = no time for VIP2 anymore. But got an email telling me to check out this thread and TBH I did catch jokes for the first couple of pages, especially those videos. But now I'm grown I can't condone reckless talk about mans child or paying dough for someones address over internet dissing Keep getting money peoples. And stay safe.
  3. Where in South can I get an iPhone 5 unlocked to all networks? preferably in South East Thanks.
  4. Now times that noise/mess by 100,000 and place it in numerous European towns over the last 20 years
  5. 6 and 7 year olds, SMH doesn't even worth bare thinking about.
  6. Stupid monkeys. Inner city schools beefing is nothing new. It happened in our schools the 90's and olders used to tell war stories from the 80's. You can't ever stop that one idiot bringing a weapon. But if your part of a group of 20 and you know at least half have weapons, you deserve any collateral punishment sent your way.
  7. In terms of entering your house and taking goods, they cannot take anything that doesn't belong to you. If you have receipts for your TV/Laptop etc that prove that they belong to someone else they cannot take a thing. I'm pretty sure even a piece of signed paper is enough as long as it contains all the correct sales/contact info.
  8. lol classic video. However, if your a victim a 10 second rush is far better then getting a 10 second 1-on-1 beating.
  9. I do this purely to get a straight answer from experience/recommendation rather than filtering google searches. There are some dumb questions sometimes asked on here though. C/S google is trial and error Use this site as we have the same intrest more or less someone would know
  10. Turns out Special Branch had him under watch in 2003.
  11. I need software that allows me to send 100's of texts displaying the name of something rather then a number. This software needs to be compatible abroad (Nigeria) I can't be bothered to search Google when I know I'm likely to get an answer here. Thanks.
  12. Was Iraqi and worked in the satellite/aerospace industry. Real tragedy but would be surprised if this was random/wrong place wrong time
  13. LOL. Just read all 40 pages. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. But either way I've got your back - so I'm voting not guilty.
  14. Just read the 43 pages......good lord. I'm far too mature, kind and responsible to really get into this. However & Were genuine LOL moments. But overall my main feeling is below.
  15. Thats staying at your parents house during the summer break at uni. That's not living with your parents
  16. This woman has hit the nail on the head. The only 2 reasons a 30 year old should be at home still is 1 - As a carer for sick family member 2 - Temporary accommodation due to breakdown of marriage/relationship In fact even if your over 25 and still at home some serious questions need to be asked about your confidence or ambition. Most people I know were itching to get their own place as soon as they turned 19/20. The ones that didn't are the ones who 7 years later don't drive and are in dead end jobs - there's a direct correlation! Rent & house price excuses are absolute bullshit, and i
  17. streets.

    S - M - H

    Yeah exactly. Real casing, diamonds etc. To be honest, I can see the attraction for younger boys/men. None of your peers will really know unless they are actively investigating it. It's only when you start touching your mid-20's that people can clock the subtle differences.
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