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  1. FUUUUUUUUUU Effortless floating on the track. Max the GAWD. Plus, he brings out the best in French. They're not even in the studio together physically.
  2. Jimmy is 2 for 2. El Capo >>> Another album coming before 2019 is done. Best in the camp. Imagine that.
  3. Cousin moved there about 5 years ago, he's living fucking life. He brings value so they treat him well. Cake to the ceiling and he's getting married out there. When he was a bachelor tho... fack. I joined in with the FUCKERY my guy.
  4. WOW! I Didn’t stay up for this. I should of though I get the feeling he wasn’t focused at all.
  5. Better. Wilder/Haymon have proper c*ck blocked ⏸ AJ/Matchroom AJ was chatting about sit downs with Fury yesterday I swear 😩
  6. Wavant


    Gonna try and catch this.
  7. My G has not lost a step. Song is clear.
  8. God has finally stopped smiling on us.
  9. Wavant

    Game Of Thrones

    I feel unfulfilled.
  10. Monster winning the whole thing. Wilder’s power is not normal at alllll. That was so CLEAN.
  11. Wavant

    Jeremy Kyle

    Used to chat to a girl who worked on that show. Shit's a maaza tbh. She had to leave.
  12. Wavant

    Game Of Thrones

    I liked this episode. Dany went HAM.
  13. Wavant


    Where are you guys watching this?
  14. Wavant

    Nipsey Hussle

    Was like a punch to the gut. Cant even listen to mans music right now. So so deep. RIP Nipsey Hu$$le Tha Great.
  15. Wavant

    Welcome back

    Maaza, we back. Thanks for your efforts admin.
  16. Wowzers. Listen to Kellz verse... Crushed Rule on his own song and he a sanging nigga. Damn. It's a wonder why I'm still here Said I was gone but I'm still here And all you bitches that left me here Its mighty strange how you right back here Lmaooooo don is talking about YOU man.
  18. Its the songs he wrote for other artists that blew my mind.
  19. Big myth. These white girls keep for foot on their partners necks.
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