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  1. Colin Turnover


    ? Sian ?
  2. Colin Turnover


    Sian - I want in (Frank White) The blondie with the botox got a box and decent shape on her aswell. Underrated.
  3. Colin Turnover

    Wayne Rooney

    This bandwagon was empty for a long time, now there's no more room. Where's Darkman, Cypher and Toney?
  4. Colin Turnover

    Adnan Januzaj

    Guy is a prick. Fuck him.
  5. Colin Turnover

    rio2016 Rio Olympics 2016 - Athletics Discussion

    Elaine Thompson is what Merlene Ottey should have been. Best technician BY FARRRR. Zero side-to-side motion. Pelvis above her COG. The joke is even though she ran a patient race (went through all of her phases) she was tense. she got low 10.6 in her.
  6. When Bournemouth play away from home teams will be ???. Top 10 for them this season.
  7. Colin Turnover

    The Big Sam Thread

    Where you from, mate?
  8. Colin Turnover

    Round of 16

  9. Colin Turnover

    Round of 16

    You shouldn't believe what you read on the Internet ?
  10. Colin Turnover

    halloween edition BREXIT - 31 October 2019

    It has been gathering momentum since before '08. / Bobby Axelrod state of mind ?
  11. Colin Turnover

    Weird turn-offs

    As we know, fashion is cyclical. Like Ice said, we were wearing this around 99/00. Then you got my pops, uncles and them rocking them in the family album circa 85. No doubt they will come back 'in' another 15 years from now.
  12. Colin Turnover

    David Haye vs De Mori / Wilder vs Szpilka

    Fury >>>>> From when he did that Freak of the week video pre Klitschko it was a wrap.