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  1. Berbatov was class today, dropping off,tackling from the centre circle, turning up on the left and right wing, n scoring a cracking goal n a cool penalty
  2. Fulham goin back old skool with the stripes, looks good for a kappa kit http://shop.fulhamfc.com/retproddetail.aspx?d=57&id=1650
  3. Being fulham is not a good idea lol
  4. was up untill 4am last night just looking through my team n sorting sh*t out jheeze
  5. Wtf he got offered 100£ a week to play for Blackpool lol that's a piss take
  6. Haze


    Scratched my f*ckin screen - insurance ting
  7. Haze

    Your kids

    Any father who doesn't stay around for there baby is a straight up c*nt n doesn't deserve to ever see there kds
  8. I FINALLY got this today lol
  9. Big up my irish travellers bluku bluku
  10. Haze

    Nando's stamp

    Oly a few stores in Dublin, there creeping up everywhere here now tho
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