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  1. Amazing film/documentary. Highly recommended.
  2. WTF's wrong with you? Fucking odd ball.
  3. Di history http://www.vip2.co.uk/forum/topic/47064-how-hard-would-you-fuck-rich-kids-sister/?view=getnewpost so after all the denying that he's adidas he goes n gives it away like this proper online admirer, stickin up for her n everythin as for every c*nt crying about haters n how that photo is not despicable, u truly sicken me this is exactly wot im talkin about with the mass bragging music culture - all these impressionable little shits tryna pretend life is a movie where's the humility, where's the modesty, where is the class i bet he dont even smoke, or enjoy champagne, probably cloudy skies but here they are posing, pretending to enjoy themselves while some chap is on his belly with an SLR n a flash gun n u are not only impressed by this preposterous facade, this cringeworthy charade, this pageant of nonsense, but u defend it and attack me for not being a twat plz kill urselves painfully That guy aint even Adidas. Hugo breeded some girl and ran away to Canada.
  4. LOL come like creps you'd buy in the back page of the magazine that comes with The Sunday Mirror.
  5. Air Max is some creep. How did you even find that picture.
  6. Met one lighty on POF late last year. Went to link her out in the sticks, Kent sides. Had her own horse/stables and that. Went on one, was shook but firmed it. Lost her number and that, just tried to look for her on POF again she's either blocked me or doesn't have an account anymore. If you're on POF and want horse riding lessons or a sloppy beat look for this chick. NSFW
  7. Sorry but this album is mediocre, don't know what you're all listening to. Put it next to a classic such as FutureSex/LoveSounds and it doesn't come close.
  8. Not a picture, but LMAOOOO true deev. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/man-behind-sex-for-tuition-fees-website-is-named--students-were-offered-up-to-15000-a-year-to-cover-cost-of-university-8372687.html
  9. Not having your S3 in a case anyway is just silly TBH. Plenty nice ones out there which don't make it bulky.
  10. I was agreeing with you and everyone else when I said 'joke ting'...
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