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  1. the story goes when the police asked for the gun the dim witted one said "let him have it", his partner fired at the po po and it was forever debated whether he meant 'let him have the gun' or 'shoot him'. guy got hung. sad story. i might be running away with this one tho what with it being titled 'Let HIM Have it' plus this might all be bollocks and i'm birdseye potato wafflin' film sounds sick, gonna download today Melanie Fiona FT Giggs - It Kills Me http://dl2.mp3zee.com/files/5/f3ikomwn6kqw8g/Melanie%20Fiona%20Ft.%20Giggs%20-%20It%20Kills%20Me%20%28Remix%29%20iM1.mp3
  2. StreetDreams

    God Of War

    Can't find the GOW3 thread (link?) But I completed this game the other day I started off playing it, thinking this is not all that, get's a bit repetitive and the fighting comes across as button bashing but then ended up thinking that this this game is so f*ck*ng sick, I actually couldn't explain why - it's f*ck*ng immense Towards the end started playing on a 46'' which showed how visually stunning the game is Punching Zeus face in till the blood covers the whole screen >>> The story >>> Never played GOW 1 or 2 but will cop the collection when I get time Game is
  3. Sick Will pre order this just for the fact of what your getting for under £10.
  4. Feeling this, from what I have heard from Tyga so far he is dropping hot verses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iJqlhg6TdU
  5. lol, seriously would you? Looks like Dennis Rodman. Her and her sister, bitch is a certified freak
  6. Watched 'The Losers' last night, enjoyed it... nice film although a few parts came across as cheesey
  7. StreetDreams


    Yeah http://apptrackr.org/ I download them from there and use itunes to sync them to my phone...
  8. You guessed what was happening in the first 15mins???Had me going till the end, wasn't really predictable tbh
  9. Watched Four Lions in the cinema yesterdayGood british comedy, although I did find quite a few 'funny' parts not actually being funny mainly due to dead castingFonejacker guy >>>40-50 year old white women behind me literally creased through the whole film, felt to slap her boat.
  10. You cool Lurch? For wireless I believe a modification of some sort is needed, shouldn't be too hard and it has been done before.. A 1m dish should be good, anything about 80 is recommended. Can't advise on dish makes/brands tho as I'm not too deep into that field...
  11. StreetDreams


    3.1.3 can be jailbroken no matter whether it has been done before, just no unlock lol no it cant UNLESS ur shsh is on saurik's server...which would mean that u have had 3.1.2 on ur iphone at some point iphone 3gs' bought after about Feb 2010 (roughly) cannot be jailbroken 3g jailbreak worked for me, not sure about 3gs? I got a new 3GS on 3.1.3 the other day and i used that Spirt jailbreak and it worked fine. thought so, yilmaz is a borderline stupid f*cking prick.
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