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  1. Guy has done nothing in 10 years. Let his career rest in peace.
  2. dboy88


    i think i no this slosh stilldoes her surname begin with b?
  3. dboy88


    i dont even know why u man continue to playwhen i was lazio and tearing up teams like olomouch with wonderkids like n'gog, u shuda just quit and accepted defeatdoes ne1 know where to get facepacks for leagues btw instead of just indiviudal teams?
  4. dboy88


    it was a 90th minute fluke of a goal, i had it in the bag...
  5. this is how far i gotapparently i can only look but not touch em tho
  6. Robben's a quality player and if he does leave it will be for a top side. I hope you got that off a reliable source as well cos if its from tribalbollox like i suspect then its clearly bullshit....i swear one time on that site i read derby were gonna sign messi
  7. Dharma have powerful links in the real world and prob staged a fake plane crash cos they have the resources init. If people in the outside world think the survivors of flight 815 are dead then theyre not gonna go looking for them and so the island wont b found
  8. dboy88

    London underground

    hahaha this songs jokes i have it on my ipod
  9. dboy88

    funny jokes

    theyre all f*ckin terrible
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