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  1. gET YOUR SISTER TO CALL me she is in a dark place now I have been praying kiss the baby for me say hello to your lil brother and parents mwah


  2. The Drama

    could u guess what someone looks like

    Iceberg is still the biggest mystery of all time.
  3. The Drama

    When you're friends

    Werent you in a very simular situation to this one Marlon not long back, so I suggest you should start using your own advice. And stop pretending to be some gyalist, you know what they say about people giving out too much advice.....
  4. The Drama

    When you're friends

    I perfer guys that are true to themselves and dont feel they have to put a front on to feel good about themselves. Hope she see's your a decent guy.
  5. The Drama

    Official VENTING Thread

    My First love, has and will always have a hold on me.First of all he's always been a flirt and he's always had a high sex drive settling for anything if he could get peice, I found this out after our relationship,I ring him sometimes out the blue to see how he's doing, now I ring him last night and he's different, he isn't drunk but he's flirting with me and telling me he misses me, at first I play along with it because it was funny, then it became too serious, I changed the subject and the phone cut off.I know he's not getting any at the moment so it's blatently obvious he's just using me. The thing that pisses me off about him is Im always there for him, Im always the one he runs to when things go wrong and this is how he pays me, total disrespect, am I going over the top here? He rang me today and I told him to ring me back in 5 mins he never did.
  6. The Drama

    Ayo Rich kid... your bro's wack son

    He moves like a chich.
  7. The Drama

    The Childhood Confectionary Thread

    Caramac.Those fishy shaped salty and vinegar snacks, forgotten the name though.5p icepolls, Banana icelolly and cherry brandy icelolly.Tomato toms. 5p scratings from the chippy.Toffee with the hammer.
  8. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    I can honestly say I smell bullshit
  9. The Drama

    Dizzee Rascal's album has just leaked..

    Couple of decent tracks on this actually.
  10. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    Well I haven't so meh.
  11. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    You dont though, come off it, you can't be that blind.Let me break it down, just because., I said HMMHMM.why? Because he is HOT. Now I rest YOUR case ok.
  12. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    FFS, Just shoe....
  13. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    JLovely=Goon status.How she gonna make up what I said, and idiots are there praising, all ready to snog her bumhole.
  14. The Drama

    Dont Care if You Wouldnt I WOULD!!!

    Someone needs to go specsavers.