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  1. God bless all the trap drillaz in this weather. Getting it in on the roads slangin that yay, brown, hard, m dizz, speed, meth, chro
  2. But K.F.C 9 pieces Tuesday's>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pepsi no ice boss man
  3. The K.F.C advert with the peng tings dancing is corny
  4. My akh went jumuah then smoked a hash zoot and ate a halal Nandos
  5. Walk On Water is some deep from the soul meaningful pain music. A song that can make the coldest killers who ain't known nothin but bangin/trappin/robbin/shooting straps/dipping cry
  6. What is dusty to u is enjoyable to me and vice versa. That's life everyone is different
  7. I'm bac on my bullshit. Bac on the ammi, bac in Soho, bac running around the city with a United shirt with Lingards name, bac listening to U.K Drill/Trap wishing while i'm listening i was a Peel Dem Crew 28's member with a lot of guns/money/diamonds/hoe's, bac at Woody Grill, bac on my house raves up West End @MGEEZ @Kuffir, @Trap God @Grafter @Kompressor @Haze-e @Seydou @Flat Eric @Mephisto
  8. Spartan ish smoked some ammi on black prince road
  9. What does this actually mean? i'm not sure if I fully understand
  10. I don't think I do blood. I am honest enough to admit I have learning difficulties slower to learn and complete things like math for example than others. I hold my hands up to this. Immature yes can mature a lot but I don't think a man should mock/joke about a things that affects a lot of people that really do have this thing which I do not
  11. Don't watch me if u got nothing positive or constructive to say. ''has young bape got aspergers'' how old are u 15?
  12. Isaiah 41:10 Don't wait for the ideal situation it will never be ideal, do what can where you are and never be satisfied
  13. Just holla at him on a level about it don't mock him or bring the topic upin a banger type way. Get to the point and ask him wats up with that
  14. U a clown. I rate Mike because of the environment he comes from I don't wanna keep rambling on about endz but he is from let's say 1 of the worst especially in the era he grew up there were u could say that area and post code he from was at the forefront of that type of environment. To grow up in that type of place to go on to be apart of a successful company that generates some serious money even if he doesn't make most of that million or whatever himself. He still apart of a winning business which he plays a role in
  15. As much as this post may seem tongue in cheek to most on here there is a lot of truth and realness in this post. Imagine how many man been stabbed over a girl
  16. That we haven't had an S.A.S project in years and that is upsetting because them man are legends their music bangs
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