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  1. Streets All Salute 9-Tre Blood gang. Grange blocks, East Finchley, N2
  2. As i said in 2017 no excuses u can be a Uber driver, react to youtube videos, be a youtube actor, be a music artist etc. Make good legit money while getting your younger to trap
  3. While Lahi sitting in a Grahame Park block on the stair case smoking crack bones sipping a tenant
  4. Cruising Harrow Road, Maida Vale going to West End. While blasting Chief Sosa on full blast and smoking a blunt filled with ammi haze, sippin pepsi
  5. Jail cells and bail dates. R.A should title that his new mixtape featuring RSG'z, Tanna, Krept And Konan, Shak, Face Squeeze, Ratlin. 198 gang Brix City, Block 5
  6. London in general got entrepreneurs from the roads Stormzy own Nandos burger, Adidas sponsorship deal, record label, actor.Mega Man So Solid record label Cheats & Thieves clothing line, Jamal Edwards S.B.T.V media company, Rasheed Link Up T.V media company, Posty G.R.M Daily media company, L.D 67 record label, Nines Zino records, Hypo Mash Town records, Ill Mill Vigorous Production company and South Man Syndicate lighters, Big Bad Blue Mula Cake clothing line, K Koke U.S.G record label, C-Biz £.R record label, Cerose London Entertainment record label. Get this gwalla lads let's see one from VIP2
  7. Regardless of age he got hustle in his DNA from the roads to being a business man getting a nice turn over. Brixton has that entrepreneur mind state Jaja Soze P.D.C music label, recording studio, street boys book, Boost Block Work Out street gym company, Sneakbo Jet Ski records, Adz and Shallow Windy Music record label, Inch Prestige Design Cuts barber shop, S Class P.M.P records, Political Peak Str8 Cash records, Stickz 150 record label
  8. U know it was The Infamous he can't afford a decent meal and a drink
  9. But seriously good to see MGEEZ do something positive for the community and make guap too. Entrepreneur, rap artist, under 30
  10. I was cutting up work with a lighty u was in a JSA office collecting benefits, skurr skurr with a hand ting while u billin up spliffs, while u billin up loud
  11. U got respect @MGEEZ G card he done time in the can with generals like S Class, Tanna, Stanna. He an RSG'z affiliate. Man needs to drop a mixtape on iTunes and CD's Get the RSG'z, Shiesty, S Class, Stanna, Tanna, Stickz. Gotta respect the journey from the jails and Bricky roads to a fitness instructor
  12. A fiend said he wants a bone holla @ me 4 a skeleton. Buju Banton and Liz
  13. S.A.S need to drop a new mixtape featuring Camron, Euro Gang,67, Ill Mill, C-Biz, Section, Young Spray. make it happen TF. Them man put Norf on the map. Pioneers of U.K street rap them man been doing it since 98. Crazy discography, classic tracks, crazy collabs, crazy freestyles
  14. @MGEEZ @Trap God i'm really amazed u guys converted to Islam
  15. I remember when I used to eat Woody Grill for breakfast at 5 a.m would get a lamb or chicken donner wrap. That used to be my spot but the hygene story put me of going
  16. I know I shouldn't be making posts like this on youtube music videos but I just can't help myself Karnel Davis1 day ago Lambeth most certified, gang capital and dangerous borough in London historically Brixton Stockwell Brixton Hill Kennington Streatham Clapham Tulse Hill Gipsy Hill Vauxhall West Norwood Herne Hill Upper Norwood Crystal Palace Raiders Untouchables 28's Y28's YY28's Peel Dem Crew South Man Syndicate Nastie Squad Gaskell Street Bloods Kennington Posse Kartel Crew Firehouse Posse Murder Zone Organised Crime Roadside G'z Corleone Family Riders Gipset 0-Tre-1 Acre Lane Campaign Always Bangin Mashes Paid In Full Peel Dem Crew Bratz Tiny Organised Crime Latin Kings Bang Your Mash Loughborough Soldiers Kennington Crips Clap Town Guns And Shanks Brixton Hill Blood Set Younger Roadside G'z New Park G'z Siru Trust No 1 Squeeze 4 P's 150 Roc Block 674 410 727 198 861 17 8 Boyz Up Top Birth place of U.K Road Rap and U.K Drill. I'm not even from there or from South but u gotta give credit where it's due. Lambeth man had Trocadero on smash in the 80's, 90's and 2000's InstrumentalsBeats1 day ago (edited) You listed hella clicks multiple times. Some of them (eg. Firehouse) were from Southwark Angell Town: 28s → PDC → PIF/CFR → GAS → 150 New Park: Marga Lane → BHB → OSG/NPG → 674 Somerleyton: MZ → GAS/Siru → 727 (etc) Read more Show less Reply1 Report spam or abuse Stanskovic1 day ago InstrumentalsBeats you lot got bareeee time on your hands making gang overviews and that smh Read more Show less Reply2 3 Report spam or abuse InstrumentalsBeats13 hours ago My reply took less than a minute smh Read more Show less Reply1 Read more
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