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  1. Facing those 90's Ian Beale issues from a Phill Mitchell type character mate?
  2. I'm goona bang this Cape Verde chick she skinny and she immature proper goofy.
  3. So u do live dust life at times ol i'm too good snobby to be Bathing Ape's homie yet u live that dust life in abudance
  4. I'm feeling a bit shameful now cos yesterday I felt for the victims I was genuinely feeling like that's deep what happened deep for their families. But today i'm not really too worried about it i'm thinking about piping this girl and the next weed loud pack and looking forward to Gym tomorrow . I'm not trying to be funny at all this just the realness it's cos none of us know the victims personally it really isn't deep to us like that after the first few days.
  5. Everyone at work today was so mad about the attacks yesterday my co worker is a pretty quit laid back person I have never seen her this angry and out spoken before but I get her anger because she has a son
  6. Best Kebab in Mill Hill>>>>>>>>>>> large lamb donner with green chillis no salad boss man
  7. Rave I go to is on a Monday night 11pm-5am. Then head to Vauxhall which runs till 10 am
  8. Why do so many Arabs have them hairlines that go back further than Seedorfs career
  9. She was with a bag of man I wasn't trying to make the 6 o'clock news with reports stating young lad stabbed to death on Quakers Course due to argument with a group of guys over a girl
  10. Because my name is not Sandeep Bane that every time I see a peng chick I turn into a deev due to lack of interest from most females
  11. Saw the pengest chick I ever seen in my life in Grahame Park, swagger was on point too. These chicks are the devil though will have a brudda thinking deev thoughts about licking their ass, bare backing, licking pum. Then u snap back to reality and think never
  12. Yeah the Isis hype has died down big time it was always gonna be a 15 mins of fame thing for them
  13. I don't care personally fuck i look like super sensitive? but i saw the back lash a white female friend got when she got corn rows a nice girl like super nice in personality and attitude. It was like she got a hairstyle she thought looks good and is getting hate for this where is the logic in that
  14. Or somebody who likes something... How do u separate the two? white kid likes the look of dreads or cornrows thinks they look cool/fly just the most simple element of thinking they look good so he decides to get them for no other deeper reason than liking the look. As innocent and normal run of the mill thought process as u can get. But is there such a thin line between the two?
  15. Orlando and Godwin>>>>>>>>>>
  16. This is cold he took his Shahada and they still beheaded him
  17. I had a feeling they were gonna try to out smart a vulnerable Muslim guy
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