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  1. Dead Solversounds like that beat should've gone to Zeusbut it went to Max
  2. Creamy


    films i jus rented on doovdeThe WrestlerSlumdog MillionaireKung Fu PandaThe Warlords
  3. see i see it the other way roundimo he's bare convincing, jus seems like a cool dudehis music jus aint that good thohe never quite hits home wit his raps
  4. Creamy


    dun noi'm happy he's deadtruss
  5. they should turn it into the truman showwith a dubplate drama slant on things
  6. the most diplomatic way i could put iti feel like he can rest nowin a non cheesy way
  7. lolsome fresh prince jazzy jeff summertime video
  8. Chocolate stout is lovelyA few months back there was an amazing one on tap at the Porterhouse in Covent GardenMe and a few friends had planned to meet there for a couple rounds, then move on to some other barsEnded up staying there the whole night drinking the chocolate on draughtWas heartbroken when we went there a few weeks later and it had gone dem ones*nods*
  9. Youngs >>>>>WOOOOYi have never tried this but i would blatantly love itsh*t why havent i tried iti'm tryin it
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