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  1. i literally thought of this as i getting ready to go gym this morning. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. this is not a pitch but more of some free game as i am off work for a week and i also believe collaboration is more beneficial than competition first of all, let me start by telling you about my experience. i run a well known instagram account with just over 300k followers. 300k followers is not a lot compared to other popular instagram accounts tbh (especially the american ones) but it has allowed to me to make a decent amount of income in addition to my 9 to 5.
  2. this was one of the best summers of my life the amount of money made + tings chopped but my bruddas we need to stop getting caught out had a pregnancy scare (she either had a very heavy painful period or miscarried but we thank God either way) my girl saw the whatsapp convo but the way im feeling so on top of my game right now i had to give her that kanye & pusha t on runaway attitude "i did it alright alright i admit now pick your next move you can leave or live with it" she decided to leave and now i miss her ngl
  3. truer words have yet to be spoken in this thread
  4. u can make 100k in gross sales and still be operating at a loss not hating on blacksheet tho get your money cuz i hope ders decent profit margins on that
  5. when i was 16/17 carnival was the most profitable day of the year for eats
  6. i remember some ting used me for sex for a few months - i was basically on call cnt say no to pussy u know yo frank u about? yh yh u want me to come over *these times im in bed just had a wank not long ago* dunno whats wrong with me
  7. wen ur drunk and ur jus tryna enter the tings soul through her mouth in the middle of the dancefloor weve all been der
  8. wen ur drunk and ur jus tryna enter the tings soul through her mouth in the middle of the dancefloor weve all been der
  9. its leaked though - this whole release is a shambles who got a link?
  10. any tickets for lovebox?
  11. Frank White

    Pokemon Go

    wtf is this shit sitting in my boys whip on our way to kick ball and man pulls over all of a sudden tells me hes catchin a pokemon ..boy if u dont
  12. i need a new career path
  13. i need a new career path
  14. ive beat so many dimes dat turn out to be dead one paula patton slightly looking ting was talking greaze bigging herself up about being freaky when it came down to it the "freakiest" thing we did was 69
  15. Frank White


    i met my main link in 2009 would wife her if she wasnt a bosh
  16. beyonce will gas her still youre due a "you up? can we talk?" text at 11pm after the show #stoptheshowstopthebaby
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