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  1. When I piss. I just put my knickers back on and let them absorb the excess.
  2. Yeah I noticed that about out of Londoners too.They try to cram all these "London words" into one sentence.They f*ck*ng LOVED my accent in the mids. The girls who I met whilst living there WERE BEGGING me to take them to London to meet "London MANNNZ". And they all thought because I come from London I "knew So Solid". LMAO.
  3. Laid Back, sorry but I concider Rugby, Leamington Spa and ESPECIALLY Warwick countrysides in comparisant to London.Shoot me.Sorry but I was sectioned off in the St. Micheals phyciatric hospital in Warwick. When they relaxed my conditions, I was allowed to roam around the grounds for a couple of hours within the hospital on the weekends only, I actually run off with intentions of pissing off back to London. But I RETURNED myself about an half an hour later, that's HOW sh*t those countryside places are. There weren't any people around to ask where Warwick train station was so I could piss off to London. Only a few ducks on the river bank.The buses had stopped running at some stupid time like 3pm.The shops were all shut so I had to go back and eat boiled cabbage in a room full of doped up, aggressive cunts and people with manky, pus-seeping self injuries.I was tired, hungry, BORED. So BORED that I actually RETURNED to a section I could have easily escaped from... (well not really, as like I said there's nothing running)f*ck*ng LOVE the countryside I do. But would I want to live there? NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  4. My house overlooks the Thames, it's literally on it, so I am kind of pissed.
  5. I think you are a bit pissed if you weren't born in London.I once left it and moved to the countryside. NOTHING opens on a sunday, it's all dead, everything is too closey knitsey and the shops are sh*t.
  6. Yeah, I have.It's good but only if you want to get further in the workplace I guess. That don't really apply to me because if I used those powers in everyday life I'd just come across a complete c*nt.... Oh wait I do anyway.
  7. Just let her say what she wants, be quiet and leave it at that.Mums are always right I'm afraid.
  8. Weren't you the one sending for Diego Maradona aka Lahi about his spelling earlier this year?And you allegedly BOUGHT THE BOOK RECENTLY SO SHOULD HAVE IT WITHIN ARMS' LENGTH.It's a moody version.
  9. And if I find out my husband has been secretly taking the lottery money and giving bits of it to his family, I would GO MAD, I would chop his testicles off and eat them myself. Infront of him.
  10. In one month... I won £90 odd, £100 odd and a tenner.The next month I won two tenners. I think I went for about five weeks where I just kept winning.I do a fiver every week. I'm winning the jackpot this year, I am a VERY lucky person.
  11. I'm still debating with myself wether or not I'd want to go public. Probably not, as I'm going to have all these cousins crawling out of the woodwork.
  12. I'm winning the lottery this year. I know I am. I have a particular sense I've NEVER been wrong about anything else about. I have had a reoccuring dream and my heart actually does a somersault and sinks into my stomach because I actually can't wait so this topic is close to my heart.I'm not sorting anyone out, I'd buy a couple of gifts but nothing extravagent, people will still be getting fivers in cards mate. I'd make sure my mum and dad didn't want for nothing but I aint throwing money at them. In laws aint getting a penny. Infact I'd go out of my way to wave it all around in their face but not buy them anything. Might buy the youngest brother in law something nice but the rest of them can just watch.
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