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  1. Natty

    03 GREEDO

    Has he got other tunes like this?
  2. Yeah Joe did Ak dirty are they even actually cool lol
  3. Natty

    The Music Video Thread

  4. Natty

    MoStack & J Hus

    You don't like sense?
  5. Natty

    The Music Video Thread

    0:40 - 2:00 He's the most crud out by far right now
  6. Natty

    Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Ramsey replacement?
  7. Natty

    The Music Video Thread

    RV is the new RA
  8. Natty

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    was it blockchain reserve?
  9. Natty

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Coinscrum is the OG one in London other than that I don't have any set ones I go to I just search every week and if I see one that sounds interesting I'll go crypto is mad small you end up meeting all the same people
  10. Natty

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Ahhhh that's amazing man you've hit the next level well done man those projects are miles away in quality compared to the ones you're on before If you're hitting meet ups and stuff shout me, me and my boys are very active at the moment we linked up with Ian Balina whilst he was in London this past week took him Arsenal box, hit the club and basically showed him around the city went to his little apartment party and networked with a lot of people Crypto is actually tiny we might know each other without knowing it
  11. Natty

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    Loski's flow will be on Drakes new ting in june watch will either be the mummys kitchen double time or the hazards/dj khaled flow
  12. Natty

    Becky Adenuga

    Man digged up quotes from 2016 that are all completely rational than tried paint me as confused loool the Facebook comment was so real you were definitely triggered
  13. Natty

    Becky Adenuga

    Loool see what I mean about you sounding dumb can't even have a basic logical conversation and expand on his opinion just gets defensive I can tell you deffo argue with people in facebook comments on a regular basis my G And no I'm not with a Becky
  14. Natty

    Becky Adenuga

    I agree with this as well can't be getting fetished by your girl and the worst thing is you can tell quick when a white girl is like that and guys still continue with it and act like they can't see it
  15. Natty

    Becky Adenuga

    Basically bro I don't think you're that smart and just regurgitate basic arguments so I'm asking you to go into more detail but yes I am black so you can cop out if you want