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  1. The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    Loski's flow will be on Drakes new ting in june watch will either be the mummys kitchen double time or the hazards/dj khaled flow
  2. Becky Adenuga

    Man digged up quotes from 2016 that are all completely rational than tried paint me as confused loool the Facebook comment was so real you were definitely triggered
  3. Becky Adenuga

    Loool see what I mean about you sounding dumb can't even have a basic logical conversation and expand on his opinion just gets defensive I can tell you deffo argue with people in facebook comments on a regular basis my G And no I'm not with a Becky
  4. Becky Adenuga

    I agree with this as well can't be getting fetished by your girl and the worst thing is you can tell quick when a white girl is like that and guys still continue with it and act like they can't see it
  5. Becky Adenuga

    Basically bro I don't think you're that smart and just regurgitate basic arguments so I'm asking you to go into more detail but yes I am black so you can cop out if you want
  6. Becky Adenuga

    See I fully agree with this understanding the culture is proper important more so than the struggle per say What I don't like is people dictating what other people should do in regards to Vtec I see more militant black people attacking people than the other way round tbh
  7. Becky Adenuga

    Question: Do you NEED someone to understand your struggle in order to go out with them? I hear this a lot but its a mad vague statement which part of the struggle your boss blowing his coffee breath on your neck back whilst he llow's Janine, getting racially profiled or?
  8. Atlanta

    It was more a reference to this and labels in general than complex tbh
  9. Domestic Violence

    Loool cussing my mum or dad what are we in secondary school you man sound like you still punch walls when you get angry ngl Walk away or if its online log off
  10. Domestic Violence

    thats what it comes down to tho innit you choose to let someones words move you and cause you to react you know when someones tryna trigger you. The very essence of what makes us human and not animals is self awareness and we have free will bro so i'm not tryna hear about the human essence
  11. Domestic Violence

    Lool I get it fully i wouldn't feel bad for the girl at all plus he only slapped her not punched her in the face which is restraint in itself but I'm not going to say its justified
  12. Domestic Violence

    He still weren't justified he's had his whole life to grow and make peace with the fact that his mum left him as fucked as that is imo if he was a teenager i would get it and shes fucked for saying that but i still can't co sign
  13. admittedly kwengface is cold
  14. These youts are truly lost they are in rival gangs but can casually chat to each other about who pulled up on who/chicks/who ran/who crumbled under pressure these man bait went school together and were probably cool but if they saw each other on road it will be beef its actually sad
  15. Domestic Violence

    looool how's it superhuman to not react to verbal insults from a chick u man sound hella emotional