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  1. Bitterex the exchange has all the altcoins you could ever want gonna put some more money in now the market is crashed and then chill for a couple months Coinbase is a piece of shit they crash it on purpose whenever it suits what they want to happen in the market
  2. Yep the ico's are going to kill ethereum it's fucked I bought £100 worth of Ant shares at $6.50 it's going to be huge I reckon
  3. Whats your portfolio looking like? / This ethereum crash is a bit mad I was sitting on 2 gs a week ago
  4. One of them two is definitely getting snuffed before the end of the year
  5. its a weird link up innit instant clout in the ends for jesse tho so I doubt he's complaining his mixtape is gonna be cold
  6. Best tribute by far
  7. He's right tho Luv is rage 2 will confirm that Uzi >>>>>> Thugger
  8. I'm looking to move into alt coins and filpping ICOs even thought the risk is waaaay higher Can't make 10x flips off etherum and bitcoin
  9. People start getting selfish when they've secured their bag
  10. 1) The pace of monetary growth is outstripping the actual usage of Ethereum no one is actually using it they are just trading and holding it in the hope that it will be used in the future 2) These corporations could just steal the ethereum technology and then set up their own private block chain that doesn't even interact with the public one meaning all this hype over corporate investment means nothing 3) It's definitely a bubble that will crash sometime there's too many companies raising too much money based on the ethereum platform with no product when those fail it will have a knock on effect on ethereum trick is to make your P early then diversify and get out/not invest more than you can afford to lose. Tbh though if it was to ever crash I would buy more because it will definitely go up again but if you invest more than you can afford to lose and have to cash out at a loss to pay bills you'll be pissed. 4) If the creator Vitalik gets assassinated or dies its peak because he understands the ethereum block chain technology the most and it needs him to help sort out a lot of scaling issues that are on the horizon as ethereum gets bigger Some interesting cautious insights here cause most media will tell you that there is no risk at all personally I don't think there's much risk specially right now it's early as fuck but its good to keep this shit in the back of your mind before you start doing stupid shit like getting a loan or running up a credit card.
  11. No I think Ethereum is here to stay it has a really big dev community, big companies backing it whilst bitcoin is having some civil war between developers and the miners
  12. Long term it's only going up tbh so you can't really lose investing right now Even when it goes down it goes back up very quickly its more price corrections rather than crashes
  13. Yeah its just as easy theres no site like local bitcoin for ethereum tho / There's conferences in china tomorrow and the day after announcing new companies joining the ethereum enterprise alliance If the company is underwhelming the price will crash on the 16th-17th for a little bit because people have already bought a shit load in expectation of the announcement If the company is big the price will explode So it's up to you whether you wanna buy now at what is basically an all time high or wait till friday/sat/sun
  14. Thats not true you can send them to a private wallet
  15. Download the app Coin base I've put in £720 since the beginning of May (it was £70 a coin back then) my portfolio is now worth something like £1,800