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  1. Called this years ago all you man who don't believe he's a peado are weirdos
  2. Looool in the next video he calls his daughter a c*nt for saying dada whilst he was playing. Imagine thinking the woman is to blame and not this c*nt ur warped
  3. Natty

    European Spring

    Fucking ell my man lost a hand cause he tried throw a grenade back at the police
  4. Nas has still got it just that kanye album was trash
  5. Yeah this is one of the best tapes of the year shit sounds like one long song Alch >>>>>>>>>>>
  6. End of that chapter was maaaaaaaaad
  7. I don't believe Pushas story about 40 he knows he can't throw Kanye under the bus right now so blames it on miscellaneous hoe
  8. safe they deliver to my sides so I'mma try it soon
  9. Speaking of caribbean is anyone from North West whats the best caribbean take aways round them sides the ones on just eat aren't that nice
  10. Yeah come back in 2020 around the time of the halvening
  11. Yeah I'm on episode 2 this season feels like it needs to be a documentary not a podcast i need to see some of these odd ball characters ?
  12. Ive been binge listening to the first season at work thanks for this
  13. drill is definitely bad for the youts yeah but the drill artists are actually cold their flows are sick even though the content is questionable I could never boycott them. If we boycotted guys like Giggs they would never have had the chance to evolve as human beings ?‍♀️
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1-DsGWHhUyFE7Plv2sK1w/videos Knock yourself out
  15. you're out of touch when it comes to this drill ting you know ?
  16. all you have to do is read the youtube comments or watch videos on the channels that follow the drama surrounding drill it really is voyeuristic
  17. Natty

    Potter Payper

    I know that last tune is gonna be on repeat already
  18. Natty

    03 GREEDO

    Has he got other tunes like this?
  19. Yeah Joe did Ak dirty are they even actually cool lol
  20. You don't like sense?
  21. 0:40 - 2:00 He's the most crud out by far right now
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