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  1. What was he expecting? Seriously?
  2. is your little brother a girl?
  3. bahaha you got banned for that? f*ckedback then i was a full time lurkerI know Brisco didnt just ban me for calling him shortNo WAY
  4. actually looks pretty good
  5. llow it man :lol:dem lol make me look like one.....anyway lmao yeah did sound like the year 8 victim in school being picked on by the olders.
  7. Easily the best fighter on the showhence why hes probably still therehe does have a point though ufc doesnt need another wrestler
  8. Tyler Durden


    Glad you layed him outPeople say "you sell out on your boys for a chick" but from personal experience girls are much more loyal than other guys.
  9. I stay AWAY from tracks. The fact there is a liverail running however many thousand electric volts through it just reminds me to stay away.Also at train stations and tube stations I stay a bit back from the edge cos you get psychopaths pushing people onto the tracks just before the train/tube reaches.
  10. lol sounds to me she gets wet over you cos you act like a c*nt to her
  11. lol glad to hear you are stronger willed than me
  12. white guys do analmite aswlel b f*ckin a man tbhstupid analysisthats like saying you might aswell get a blowjob off a guy (dont do anal, just saying)
  13. http://www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=14429sad stuff
  14. this song was out toiiiimmmmeeee ago
  15. No matethey bombed the pub up in Woolwich just cos it was near the barracks and some soldiers used to drink thereno warning there
  16. Tyler Durden

    VMA's 2008

    lol russell brand with the controversy once again
  17. lol at people thinking Khan losing is a good thing for boxing
  18. C/Sbut we as men are probably doing the same thing.
  19. Basically someone hacked his myspace and youtube and he made a vid saying f*ck hackers.So last night 4chan f*cked his site up hard and declared war lol.
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