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  1. Woolwich Beheading

    I told you all something like this would happen.
  2. Are you proud to be British?

    lmao neither would a quarter of the white people. You think the Irish came to England for the weather?
  3. Make Bradford British

    Nice one son. Cheeky little feel of the legs there.
  4. Make Bradford British

    Going from Master race of the universe to crying about the beauty of multiculturalism on camera<<<<<<<<<
  5. Boycot Israel 2012 Campaign

    Palestinians or Big Macs? Sorry Palestine

    Soon before you know it they will start stationing the US military over here... Oh wait...
  7. It's not like she made the money anyway. She basically married a rich man who then died. He must be turning in his grave lol.
  8. Maybe next time she'll think twice about rioting for no reason at all?
  9. Mitcham Maffia

  10. Christian becomes Muslim

  11. Palestine voted into Unesco - USA Cancels Funding

    Slowly you'll start to see some Brazilian, Indian and Chinese politicians and businessmen with Hebrew surnames.
  12. Another racism topic

    Not yet he isnt. Wait til he has kids.
  13. US Presidential Election

    He's nothing like David Cameron. You'd want Dave over him as a leader any day of the week.