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  1. "But yeah thats my last post long for police taking my pc like say I'm Zamorak or whatever that paedos name is. guy thinks its ancient greece and little boys are ripe for the plucking sick bastard" Shut the f*ck up you c*nt.

  2. tittysuckingandf*ckingandbangingandridingtheriddim.
  3. Jubez II

    black kids

    two of 'em are black, the lead singer and the key boardist.
  4. that gif deserves a knighthoodI co-sign wholeheartedly.sh*t is made for the internet.
  5. funny thing is she has no boobs or backoff she is just a dime (no westwood) in the face.
  6. Remember when the shotters gave me some shoddy looking benz and we had to go back to the flats and demand a new one as politely as possible to avoid getting merked off, one of them wanted to get on a hype but some next guy dealt with us and we got some fat bag so it mission well done.them gymgyooons there.
  7. who's on the right ?that comment about beautiful black women with white features is so true.
  8. Hov never slacking manZipping in the black rangeGetting ghost with red ghostFaster than the pacmanSuttin suttin suttin knack to get that changeLeader of the black gang, R O C mangBang like T-Mac ski mask air it outGotta kill witnesses cause free beard sticking outSuttin suttin suttin suttin we squeeze hammers manBullets breeze by you, like Louisiana manBut I gotta feed Tiana man so I move keysYa'll can call me the piano manRain, sleet hail snow manSlang, dope, E hydro man.How many times does he rhyme 'man'Does anyone realise how lethal the team of Jay Z, Beans and Scarface is on record?
  9. Lies. His best bars if anything.Yeah i think these are his best bars Tell a lie you can't be serious.In two years you're gonna send for the pipe, draw for the rocks then send for the light >> punch in the face.
  10. And my style is zoop zoopYou better meet me I'll be 'round meet me I'll be 'round
  11. We Take Aim, I swear this Jack Dee guy is saying the gulliest mindbending stuff ever !
  12. Just realised it is true that the government are watching our every move twenty four seven with satellites.
  13. Google Maps is now used for random parties and drug dealing. Probably a conspiracy theory waiting to happen.
  14. First time I heard Re-Rewind I had to buss the shittest skank just to keep up with the mood of the room everyone else was losing their head dancing but I couldnt dance too tough just had to try do this two-step. I'm waiting for the next wave tbh grime has already smashed into the bank and regressed back into a drop in the ocean (musical that is).
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