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  1. Wenger should have gone a long time before he did, the Leicester season was unforgivable, what is worse top tier managers like Klopp were about and free agents when Wenger should have been dust, and he would have 100% come
  2. I have returned to this site for the first time in about a year and like 5 of the posts I have seen have been about Teanna Trump
  3. Wasn't this Bedroom Bully? Anyway I only come on here very rarely but now I am in my 30s and have used these sites for like literally 20 years. How old is face off and Golly, because they were 30 when I was 20 I am sure
  4. There is definitely enough evidence to convict him infant of an unbiased Senate (or jury). This goes beyond the recent Ukraine things, back to emoluments and everything else. However, yes, Pelosi is unhinged, but for different reasons. He certainly will not be convicted or removed, I would be very very shocked if that happened. The point of the impeachment should be several things 1. Hold him accountable for crimes, misconduct 2. Force republican senators and representatives to defend him on the record in an impeachment vote - they will later have their heads on the block in federal and state level elections as the people who voted to protect him
  5. You don't seem like Justin
  6. Smads you know it's strange you've stuck around here (in a forum full of weird dudes). How is your life? From what I can see most or all of the other girls have left (Kurious, Soca, Janay, Dips et al) This thread reminded me of Gayle, and a ton of other people who probably aren't here anymore. Flojo? Q? Tipper? Leitenant? I_break_ankles? zrastboss? Lucarelli? o-guy & scorpzz? Digits? TF? Like, has anyone died? Someone must be dead I mostly see new people or names I don't really recognise. eg. incumbent edit, looking at this particular thread, it seems to be only old heads actually / Re Mike, dealing with him IRL he was always very cool, though I didn't think he would do this, it would have to be knuckle sandwich time if this happened to anyone around me ...not that I have any women around me I haven't seen the tweets, its possible some type of situation could have happened that makes this a bit more innocent on his part, and then again it's possible it looks much worse
  7. Mike Kane threatened to gun you down?
  8. I've seen 3 posts from you in maybe two days and they have all been borderline black supermacist shite I don't even know what that post was supposed to be, are you assuming I'm European? because I'm not, and if I was, I don't know why you what relevance it would have anyway. Are you assuming by default anyone who disagrees with you is out to assert some sort of Eurocentric superiority, in the way you seem to be doing with your own weird brand of whatever this is? Edit, I assume your post was directed at me, but if it wasn't, I still stand by the point
  9. You can be genetically diverse and still be considered to be of the same race, i.e. genetically distinct parts of Africa, Asia, Europe Multiracial wasn't the correct would, though I think the statement would still be correct
  10. People with multiracial heritage have distinct genetic advantages Genetic diversity is not a new concept, nor is it I think, debatable either
  11. Why does Justin have Thuns avatar What's going on
  12. IIRC Most fetishes are the result of some form of sexual experience imprinting on young males when they are becoming sexually aware, they happen less so with women as they have sexual plasticity, where as men don't (or not to the same degree) I.e. a young boy viewing an especially violent sexual act when he himself was young, this can then result in an association of aggression with sexual arousal and pleasure IMO it's one of the reasons it's important that children are educated about sex Infact there are studies that suggest children that have walked in on their parents having sex, have 'healthier' attitudes toward sex and sexual relationships as adults, which I suppose could support the first point (due to seeing two people they perceive as loving each other, in a safe enviroment), though I think this rests too largely on anecdotal evidence to be too clear either way...
  13. It is insane. How can someone just casually throw out such nonsense without any sense of irony?
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