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  1. There is definitely enough evidence to convict him infant of an unbiased Senate (or jury). This goes beyond the recent Ukraine things, back to emoluments and everything else. However, yes, Pelosi is unhinged, but for different reasons. He certainly will not be convicted or removed, I would be very very shocked if that happened. The point of the impeachment should be several things 1. Hold him accountable for crimes, misconduct 2. Force republican senators and representatives to defend him on the record in an impeachment vote - they will later have their heads on the block i
  2. You don't seem like Justin
  3. Smads you know it's strange you've stuck around here (in a forum full of weird dudes). How is your life? From what I can see most or all of the other girls have left (Kurious, Soca, Janay, Dips et al) This thread reminded me of Gayle, and a ton of other people who probably aren't here anymore. Flojo? Q? Tipper? Leitenant? I_break_ankles? zrastboss? Lucarelli? o-guy & scorpzz? Digits? TF? Like, has anyone died? Someone must be dead I mostly see new people or names I don't really recognise. eg. incumbent edit, looking at this particular thread, it seems to be only ol
  4. Mike Kane threatened to gun you down?
  5. I've seen 3 posts from you in maybe two days and they have all been borderline black supermacist shite I don't even know what that post was supposed to be, are you assuming I'm European? because I'm not, and if I was, I don't know why you what relevance it would have anyway. Are you assuming by default anyone who disagrees with you is out to assert some sort of Eurocentric superiority, in the way you seem to be doing with your own weird brand of whatever this is? Edit, I assume your post was directed at me, but if it wasn't, I still stand by the point
  6. You can be genetically diverse and still be considered to be of the same race, i.e. genetically distinct parts of Africa, Asia, Europe Multiracial wasn't the correct would, though I think the statement would still be correct
  7. People with multiracial heritage have distinct genetic advantages Genetic diversity is not a new concept, nor is it I think, debatable either
  8. Why does Justin have Thuns avatar What's going on
  9. IIRC Most fetishes are the result of some form of sexual experience imprinting on young males when they are becoming sexually aware, they happen less so with women as they have sexual plasticity, where as men don't (or not to the same degree) I.e. a young boy viewing an especially violent sexual act when he himself was young, this can then result in an association of aggression with sexual arousal and pleasure IMO it's one of the reasons it's important that children are educated about sex Infact there are studies that suggest children that have walked in on their parents having
  10. It is insane. How can someone just casually throw out such nonsense without any sense of irony?
  11. Do you believe it is necessary to be an 'ally' of insert_here people? I'm not a particular fan of Peterson, but I don't think debates are very helpful, I do not know if I have ever seen a single person change their mind in one
  12. He was at meetings representing trump, with Trump Jr. and a Russian agent, and he lied about being there under oath..
  13. Paul Manafort (former campaign manager to Trump) was told to hand himself in to Federal authorities. He is fucked. Count 1: Conspiracy Against The United States Count 2: Conspiracy To Launder Money Count 3 through 6: Failure to File Reports Of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts from 2011 to 2014 Count 7 through 9: Failure to File Reports Of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts from 2011 to 2013 Count 10: Unregistered Agent Of A Foreign Principal Count 11: False and Misleading FARA Statements Count 12: False Statements He is going to sing like a can
  14. Clinton is done. Finished. Donald Trump is the POTUS. He is deservedly judged on what he does, what he says, and what he does not do. I have seen you say a lot about terrorism and immigration and the like on here. You bringing up Hilary overtime Trump is criticised, is like muslim apologists saying 'omg what about the crusades' if someone talks about Jihadism. It's poor. The appropriate thing to do for an adult or anyone who considers themselves intellectually honest when confronted with a point they disagree with, is to talk about the facts and explain why they think it is wrong, not just shi
  15. I don't support Hilary Clinton. She is irrelevant, Try to asses Trump without constantly referring to her and resorting to 'WhataboutX' interestingly this is a famous Putin political tactic. Secondly, it's not about whether you care or not due to being British (even though you should, as Russia have been reported to have hacked and attempted to disrupt the British political process, as recently as 2016, reported here Russian hackers tried to disrupt UK general election, security sources ... as well as being thought to have been the cause of a recent wave of cyber attacks. Not to mention t
  16. I think you are underestimating the sort of time, effort, and political motions it takes to 'get something to change' - by that I assume you mean removing trump? There has been a huge amount of work done by people from all corners to deal with this, the media, government institutions, the courts etc, not to mention public intellectuals and every day people People have already been forced to leave his campaign because of this, the FBI director has been fired, and now there's been solid proof unearthed of cooperation with a hostile foreign government....this isn't an ordinary issue, y
  17. The emails are explicit proof of collusion - why are you posting Russia Today links about Hilary Clinton, out of interest? Also -it's not a 'story built out of nothing' Trump Jr. tweeted these emails himself as he became aware they would be released by someone else. He has literally tweeted his own email interactions where this exchange takes place + This is a verbatim, Trump Jr being told that Russian government wanted to aid his fathers campaign via the leaking of highly classified, sensitive information, and he agreed to it. This is illegal, it is als
  18. You, and everyone else here should make a concerted effort not to browse daily mail - you know they get paid for it, right? Each click, each article is ad revenue If you would like to stop them being paid for shoddy 'journalism' (and thus making it a worthwhile and profitable enterprise) then don't go on the site, don't click their outrageous clickbait articles I know so many people who when bored, just visit DM.co.uk, and continually scroll as it seems to be neverending As long as people will click on articles that say KIM KARDASHIAN IN HAITCUT SHOCKER, or GRENFELL SURVIVORS TO
  19. The stoppage was absolutely fine, most of the shots that Kovalev complained about were legal and on the belt, there was one right at the end that was low, when he had already doubled over. He was uncomfortable with the body work from early on, and the big right sent him spiralling, and he tried to claim a low blow in order to get a breather, no dice. Real good stoppage from ward, good fight
  20. The amount of time spent on the training ground on things like positioning, manipulating space to show other players into, defending with 10 men etc etc, and the quality of whatever does go on, are both sub par, the quality of drills as you said focusing on the opponents weakness is also sub par, this is poor tactical work There is no good drilling for fantasy situations where that consist of the opposing team not wanting to attack, or not having a player in the number 10 position Arsenal concede all types of goals, players running past defenders, balls straight through the two centr
  21. Pretty astounding thing he did, it was quite moving to see the guy gripsed up against the van and people asking in anguished voices WHY DID YOU DO IT. Not sure how he wasn't torn apart but it seems in large part due to this guy
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