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  1. JGGB


    Did a similar trip 8 black guys but didn't have a package. We did the Bar Crawl, Shooting Range and Go-Karting as well. Highly recommend all three. Also went to Karlovy Lazne twice - absinthe makes everything crazy On our last day we just had a chilled walk up to the castle and looked out over the City. Picturesque!
  2. JGGB


    Not posted on here in a while. Last few years done Oslo, Rotterdam (and Amsterdam), Budapest (on my blog here: http://www.lookdwn.com/2016/06/guidebook-budapest.html) so can give recommendations on any if anyone thinking of going there. Doing Berlin next month for Christmas markets and Hawaii next year - anyone got any recommendations?
  3. Went earlier this year. You can read all my tips in my blog post on www.lookdwn.com Link below: http://www.lookdwn.com/2016/06/guidebook-budapest.html
  4. TfL would never have let them take normal buses off the road unfortunately. Also for continuity sake, the school scenes were not filmed at my old primary school and not Damilola's and there was a uniform shot with St John's and St Clement's jumpers. Oliver Goldsmith probably distanced themselves from the drama. if they were approached to be in it. Still don't remember if it was Damilola's Dad or Stephen Lawrence's that came to speak in our assembly at school - both tragic cases
  5. JGGB

    Game Of Thrones

    my laptop won't stream and just got to the start of series four. Anywhere I can download?
  6. JGGB

    so its 2014

    Z-Uncut was too live. I was wearing a jumper all night though- big mistake. Drenched with sweat before midnight. Had like 2 drinks and bare water all night. Smoking area was long. Didn't even know there was another room till just now haha. Hearing the o2 venue was better. Making that an annual pilgrimage though. When I heard Skepta and B Live Gas Mode was initated.
  7. 3x Weeknd Tickets for tonight. O2 Arena. Face val. PMs

    1. The Flyest
    2. JGGB


      Big concert man! Man started playing some lesbian porn on the big screen behind him at one point!

  8. JGGB

    The Weeknd

    Anyone after tickets to see The Weeknd tonight (Tuesday 26th) at The O2 Arena London? Got three spares at face value. Can meet you there beforehand or anywhere in London in the day time. PMs
  9. DISCLOSURE - LIVE ▪ BREACH ▪ BICEP ▪ DUSKY ▪ GEORGE FITZGERALD ▪ JUSTIN MARTIN ▪ FLUME ▪ ONEMAN ▪ T. WILLIAMS ▪ TOURIST - LIVE ▪ ZED BIAS ▪ KRYSKO ▪ GREG LORD ▪ NOW WAVE DJS in Manchester tomorrow at Warehouse Project, what you saying? I have 2 spare tickets. PMs quick time.
  10. Went Napoli, was lower tier behind the goal about 9 rows back and about 3 seats away from the Napoli guys. They had conductors who were full on chanting all game. Not even watching lol. One of them was topless absolutely built like a brick shithouse though. Somehow quite a few Italians got into our end, wish touts would stop selling home tickets to away fans. Saw someone on @arsenal_tickets trying to sell normal tickets £135 each as well. Not been to a home game for a long while so going to such a good one was a bonus. Hoping to somehow get Palace away cos it's the end of my
  11. JGGB


    Christiania is in Denmark but yeah it's cool. Not sure what it's like with weed for tourists these days cos I know they were trying to crack down. Just stay in Copenhagen and pay a visit. Scandinavian chicks
  12. EDC Today. Mad Clashes. Gotta get me some Trance. Probs be at mainstage all day. Realised from Wireless pics. It's dead creps for today. Might try and reach the lovebox afterparty
  13. For me Bauuer, DJ EZ, Bashmore were my fave sets I went to. Missed out on seeing Iggy Azalea's back in the flesh. And we had to rush the tent at Disclosure cos it was shut but then all the security ran to some incident. Was dangerously over capacity, should have been main stage. Found some Red Bull stage right at the end, skanking out in some dusty bit surrounded by a load of hot chicks- didn't want it to end.
  14. I think the GLC tweet was at that Bate Nate guy not Big Narstie. (This guy is more dusty and irrelevant than Mike but been constantly beefing him for years) 1.30 onwards
  15. Did this at the past two Glastonburys but it was 3 x 8 hour shifts over like 5 days. One shift can even be before the festival starts if you're lucky. Much easier to sneak in personal supplies if you're a worker (big bits guys were getting baited for- even smoking in the workers camping area.) Instantly kick you out and deposit gone + travelling back from Somerset to ends Couple people signed up for it just cos they couldn't get tickets then once in the festival just never left. Shifts can actually be jokes- mainly cos I worked with my best mate standing up/ staying awake for 12hrs can be
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