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  1. go outside. get lives. get jobs. get of fourms. get girlfriends.u lot telling me im a wasteman hahahaha. u dougnuts.
  2. http://www.zshare.net/video/61815619f189fdea/
  3. thanks eveyone for the bad n good feedback. ill be bak lol.
  4. cipher, thanks for the feedback, ive made them on photoshop quickly, wh u said about moving the logo up, i agree, n i will make several ajustments.n e more things u wanna comment on?
  5. im not reying to seel to thousands lol just sumin very small, sell 5 here n there lol, i can get them made at a very good price, with good quality prints. just brainstorming on ideas. n im only looking for a catchy slogan not trying 2 make a brand.n e more comments
  6. THAT JBK was a hiobby and an interest. i made money out of it, not alot, but atleast it was profit, and it was fun 2 do, so i dont even mind. how about this 1.
  7. Do you think it would sell?improvements, comments? thanks
  8. that mamcita and let go, defo sounds like him, some sound engineers even done sound test... the voice are 98% similar or sumin like that.
  9. he came out in 2007, i think he just happend to sound like MJ like he said, MJ was his icon...so maybe he naturally copied him, but still u cnt h8 on him he has talent ragardless, to even be able 2 sing like the legend that is MJ.
  10. even though he sounds like MJ, i actully think his music is sick. spesh "bigger man" reminds me of MJ. yhyh im a massive MJ fan allow me.
  11. Well alot of ppl semmed to think so, he fooled radio stations. like power 88. its alot.
  12. now you have...he got some very good tunes on his myspace. u think he sounds like MJ?
  13. This guys sings almost like MJ, aint a bad dancer too. he caused a web storm back in 07/08 as some of his tunes were mistaken to be MJ Secret releases people went as far to say that "Jason Malachi" were t even a real person and MJ was using this as a alter ego to put out his music so he can get an hoist views and opinions on his music without all the controversy, which turned out to be bullshit. Jason is a real person and has a couple videos of him self up on you tube. have a look.i would actually buy dis guys album, hes actually hard. r.i.p MJ. TMZ ARTICLE ON HIMhttp://www.tmz.com/2007/09/21/new-jacko-tr...y-a-white-guy/2 HERES SOME OF HIS TUNES... these 2 tracks caused the stormthis tune 'ardperforming LIVE...decent dancer, song is good too.this is his myspace.http://www.myspace.com/jasonmalachias you lot, av clocked im a huge MJ fan...still dis guys hard.
  14. This is a remix i've done of the Isley Brothers classic footsteps in the dark.hope some of you like it.
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