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  1. You can Ray Charles the rest of my post but the point still stands Youre on a moral high horse tryna tell me what to consume when you should really just concentrate on living by the kind of principles you claim to subscribe to You never boycotted watching Suarez after the racial abuse thing with Evra did you? Where were your morals and principles when you were on here talm bout SUAREZ>>>>>? Would you agree if I said watching him kick ball meant you supported racism?
  2. TBH youre both moving like divs and mugs arguing like smor children leave it out / I’m not supporting him or his behaviour I’m just here listening to some music enjoying myself mate See the mad thing about all of this performative outrage Is that people expect other people to be ethical consumers in terms of R Kelly’s music But do they have that same energy when spending money in shops or on brands that support child labour and exploitation of human beings? I sincerely doubt it Alas that is none of my business Afterall they are your principles not mine
  3. For one I don’t agree that if the majority of people say or think something that makes it the right thing to do or the correct course of action Regarding the flawed logic It’s idealistic In an ideal world guys like R Kelly wouldn’t be running around noncing but they are Ideally people would have stopped him from getting into these schools and ideally someone should have safeguarded the wellbeing of the teenage girls he came into contact with, they didn’t Ideally he should be in prison, he’s not We do not live in an ideal world
  4. No You hold yourself accountable You can't force or expect other people to live by your stabdars Especially principles that are based on flawed logic
  5. Totally logical response You can't just label someone's response illogical because you don't agree with it on principle
  6. I know I'm right I just feel like it's unfortunate that some people will be in their feelings about what I said because they're unable to maintain objectivity Him being a nonce does absolutely nothing to change how his music sounds acoustically And in a practical sense what effect does me not playing R Kelly have in terms of helping the young women he has in captivity as we speak? None whatsoever anyway *young nudy voice* Show me a person that says this tune ain't a BANGAH and I'll show you a got damn liar
  7. Please explain how listening to an R Kelly song in 2019 is helping R Kelly get away with abusing little girls I’m yet to hear a sound argument as to why I shouldn’t listen to the pied piper of rnb yet In fact the shenanigans over the last few months has made me re examine his back catalogue and I’m sorry to say the shit is FIRE
  8. It’s telling how without any real experience with white women you came to that conclusion though Ironically this is part of the reason why some of these angry black girls get mad
  9. Nah He knew what he was doing Went on chakas page and tagged his white gf as if he didn't know what was gonna happen then started ranting about black girls and saying he don’t speak on race but pro blacks are racist / White girls being easier to deal with a myth just like black girls not giving head
  10. Wrong crowd Should have got them stepping in the name of love
  11. Would never have thought casual use of the word uptown could envoke such strong feelings amongst grown men on an internet forum it's actually sad Mad thing is he had cheerleaders as well it's nuts
  12. He’s a real wickedman still
  13. TBH youre just a bit of an a**hole Definately Will see this get worse moving forward rather than better due to the rise of social media
  14. A woman came out and said your guy sexually assaulted her You spoke to him then came on here and told us that you agreed with his story I don't see how saying you backed him is a reach tbh / No reason for people not to engage with you on here if they don't agree with what you're saying this isn't an echo chamber accept that people are gonna call you out if they feel like it and there's nothing you can do about it
  15. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/music-movie/the-wizrd/1447333810 ? / Drakes energy while they were recording WATTBA is the exact reason I was rocking wit the drakeless version
  16. It’s not toxic masculinity tbf If I was forced to label it I’d say there are a lot of inner city youths from particular backgrounds walking around with inferiority complexes / Not hearing the mum didn’t know Kid was 14 driving around on a ped can’t tell me his mum didn’t know he weren’t going school and the rest
  17. Imagine that See this in the related links to that article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6575323/Fortnite-gamer-26-pleads-not-guilty-bashing-pregnant-girlfriend-livestreaming-binge.html This post didn’t age well at orrrr Warped huh
  18. To be fair you did say this isn’t conclusive or disgusting You also backed Mike Kane after his sexual assault debacle Dunno about the other thing but to say your take on this type of thing is often suspect wouldn’t be a reach imo Whats definitely a false narrative is that anyone’s being led to believe that it was all just him That wasn’t what was presented on the show and isn’t something anyone’s presented on here so I’m not sure where this argument comes from? Clearly everyone involved should get dealt with accordingly but obviously the focus is on R Kelly cos he’s the main protagonist in the story
  19. Moretime And this non-fermented tofu is GM moretime ??‍♂️ Touché
  20. This is always my argument Fuck this cancellation culture Victims of sex abuse need to follow the legal protocol for dealing with these things instead of just going on docs when he's still got young girls in captivity That said Was skeptical prior to watching but the first 3/4 EPs are MUAD it's great tv Conclusive and disgusting Too much fuckry to even summarise in a post Maddest ting is when they said there were more tapes but they got thrown out cos of how they were obtained or saink I was sceptical of the episodes with that girl he got from the court who lied about her age and the parents who practically delivered their daughters to him but none the less first few EPs show he's actually a nonce
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