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    Ban for Burka ?

    C/S Western women are expected to conform to the culture of whatever nation they go to and the same courtesy should be displayed. People come to this country and get free housing education and health, and then wanna cry about not being able to teach 3 year olds while dressed like f*ck*ng darth vader? f*ck off mate c/s Are burkas really that offensive to the eye though? Really? This country has NO MORALS or good reason to ban burkhas or hijabs. At the end of the day, those middle eastern countries have stricter laws on MOST things. Which EVERYONE in the country has to adhere to. You cant be crying about burkhas here when stupid yobs are still acting foolishly and gettin a slap on the wrist or an ASBO. Tighten the laws on everything or shutup about burkhas
  2. I swear Radio was chattin the biggest amount of sh*t first tho. If it takes askin where his dad is at or gettin El Kaptain to threaten him again to shut him up then so be it.
  3. looooool seeenOr Adetayo Ayowale Onile-Ere to...Taio Cruz *side-eye*
  4. We shouldnt be too mad at them because a lot of black people are just as warped in other areas beacuse of media influence.
  5. Dont be mad. Its the same media machine that makes black men think lighties are the hotties that makes people call 911 on sleeping black males.
  6. Doing this while your husband is sat in the audience then getting seperated a few days later makes it funny
  7. Man who posed as magazine photographer in police custodyDaily News Wire ServicesUpdated: 11/27/2009 07:58:32 AM PSTA South Los Angeles man accused of posing as a magazine photographer and persuading young women to bare their breasts and genitals so he could grope them was behind bars early Friday, police said.Keith Lloyd Nichols, 22, has been in custody since he surrendered to Los Angeles police about 1 p.m. Thursday.Nichols allegedly told several young women he was a photographer for Vibe Magazine, and they agreed to disrobe and let him measure their breasts and groins for custom-fitted underwear, Capt. Blake Chow of the Los Angeles Police Department said earlier.Nichols told the women that if their measurements were right, they could get modeling jobs with Vibe Magazine, Chow said.The women realized they had been duped when Nichols never returned phone calls, Chow said.The measuring sessions often took place in secluded, public places, where Nichols used a measuring tape as a prop, Chow said."While none of the woman recalled him taking photographs, Nichols did touch the women's bare breasts and groins with his hands," Chow said."The lure of Hollywood and a big career in modeling blinded these girls from reality," Chow said. "That's what con artists rely on."Nichols' bail was set at $20,501, according to jail records. He remained behind bars but it was unclear where he was being held, a Los Angeles County jailer said in a telephone interview early Friday.Jail records also showed Nichols was arrested in September on a felony charge by Hawthorne police, and
  8. And that Britney chick. And that Lindsay Lohan chick. And that Christina Aguilera chick...
  9. i remember wanking over thatbt u kno what i mean innocentOhhhh u mean like the way the stripper pole is on an ice cream van for her little fans? Noah Cyrus. NOW u can bitch
  10. The fact you mentioned Miley Cyrus and innocent act means something is fooling you.Dont worry. Give her a couple more years/months/decrease in album sales and you'll get the full monty
  11. LOLPS I don't smoke but if I did smoke I would always buy my own cigarettes and would expect any1 else who wanted to enjoy the luxury of smoking to do the same. I would share with friends at best. If I was walking down the street and a chocaholic stranger asked me for a spare Fredo because they saw me eating one... imagine.
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