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  1. ReZiW

    AQA bring out new Courses

    It's the sun they gta be gassing
  2. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    PM sent, this ain't no vip2 ting. U got ur e ratings already, this ain't for no one elses entertainment
  3. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    Brudda I told you I'll give u directions, dnt act like u didn't see the 2nd PMlol @ trying to bait man up, the offers there init. I told u I'm not on this back n forth ting, this is my last post if ur on it pm me if ur not snm.
  4. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    He's the one dat got hurt cos I called him moist but I'm supposed to go out of my way to of my way to link him, how does that work? I told him where I'm at, he can come down. I'm not even on da back n forth ting, he's a badman so come holler. No more to be saidReply to my pm, dnt play up to everyone
  5. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    u man r funny if u think got time for this dumbness. like im really gna trek to herner hill to spar with man from the internet
  6. ReZiW

    Thun - The hypocritical guy

    EDIT- so?
  7. ReZiW

    Official Big Brother 10 Topic

    im watching, this is so f*ck*ng dumb. wotta donut, some cringe worthy sh*t
  8. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    boss, u really think I'm gna go out of my way to fight man from the internet?this is why i think ur a moist individual, being that ur 27 makes me think your even more moist. fix up, ur moist.
  9. ReZiW

    Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    f*ck bunning legal herbs, dats some addict ting.did it even get you high?
  10. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    ur too old for this, u look f*ck*ng moist. how u gna give talks about boxing like im supposed to rate youdats all neeky boss
  11. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    ur 27 boss.. why you crying cos someone called you moist over the internet. da f*cks wrong with you
  12. ReZiW

    How are you on the phone?

    tired of Ls ringing when they aint got nuttin to say.
  13. ReZiW

    swer down she went in

    u know wat i mean dont change the subjectdo u think u could show me im moist but punching me up???i thought that at first then i thought... 'no way is some 27 yr old talking bout fighting man over the net'this is how i come to the conclusion ur moist, u move like a neek. what u got to prove cuz? ur moving mad moist right now... you caught feelings init
  14. ReZiW

    Proverbs, phrases, sayings

    a wise man talks cos he has something to say, a fool talks cos he has to say something
  15. ReZiW

    swer down she went in