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  1. It's the sun they gta be gassing
  2. PM sent, this ain't no vip2 ting. U got ur e ratings already, this ain't for no one elses entertainment
  3. Brudda I told you I'll give u directions, dnt act like u didn't see the 2nd PMlol @ trying to bait man up, the offers there init. I told u I'm not on this back n forth ting, this is my last post if ur on it pm me if ur not snm.
  4. He's the one dat got hurt cos I called him moist but I'm supposed to go out of my way to of my way to link him, how does that work? I told him where I'm at, he can come down. I'm not even on da back n forth ting, he's a badman so come holler. No more to be saidReply to my pm, dnt play up to everyone
  5. u man r funny if u think got time for this dumbness. like im really gna trek to herner hill to spar with man from the internet
  6. im watching, this is so f*ck*ng dumb. wotta donut, some cringe worthy sh*t
  7. boss, u really think I'm gna go out of my way to fight man from the internet?this is why i think ur a moist individual, being that ur 27 makes me think your even more moist. fix up, ur moist.
  8. f*ck bunning legal herbs, dats some addict ting.did it even get you high?
  9. ur too old for this, u look f*ck*ng moist. how u gna give talks about boxing like im supposed to rate youdats all neeky boss
  10. ur 27 boss.. why you crying cos someone called you moist over the internet. da f*cks wrong with you
  11. tired of Ls ringing when they aint got nuttin to say.
  12. u know wat i mean dont change the subjectdo u think u could show me im moist but punching me up???i thought that at first then i thought... 'no way is some 27 yr old talking bout fighting man over the net'this is how i come to the conclusion ur moist, u move like a neek. what u got to prove cuz? ur moving mad moist right now... you caught feelings init
  13. a wise man talks cos he has something to say, a fool talks cos he has to say something
  16. who caught feelings boss? I just stated a couple factsdo you kid
  17. thats what im talking about 'mate'.yh i hear you bossman
  18. ReZiW


    I forgot who you are on vip2, but send me the maps. How you gna snake me, I swear down I would give you the maps if i had that. send me ur email n password, then change it afterwards. look after me fam, dont be tightsafe
  19. who said it was new? i just said it was in endz mate,
  20. I can't hate shes from endz, but her flows terrible.lol @ sloozies music, f*ck*ng wack
  21. i'm a Dawg... i'm a Beast.... I'm a Motherf*cking Problem.....ur f*ck*ng moist, absolutely moist. dats mad what you donelipsing up these jeremy kyle bluefoots, eurrrgghhhh
  22. i've been blessed for like a week, everytings blessbut i just cant smoke, i feel to start backing cough medicine again. shits depressing
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