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  1. LOST

    Marbella the new place ?

    Yeah a friend of a friend went out there was saying how all the trapstars from South -> North linked up and were having it up with the footballers. I say good luck to them youths ... we all know the lifestyle isn't all rosey so live it up whilst you can. Must be frustrating seeing the footballers doing it official while your going back to more humble abodes. Top class bitches out there I heard and I assume the social contract is quite straight forward.... you SPEND money = p*ssy p*ssy p*ssy
  2. LOST

    hiphop Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne

    Had to bump the thread - These two went the f*ck in..... Best concert hands down
  3. LOST

    house Southport Weekender

    oh wow.... Dont tell me the shop got licked hahahahaha. I went SPW last year there was more control, that shop run out of plastic cups quick though and nothing to have for breakfast so it was a cold walk to Mcds. Oh yeah Tallman Stretch was the dj that got spiked,,,, he got beaten up and burnt after. Feel bad for he yout cos he isn't on all that but you live and learn - Dont accept drinks from knowone.
  4. LOST

    house Southport Weekender

    Whats this Im hearing of a DJ from north london getting his drink spiked and then shitting in some girls suitcase ...... Only for the girl and her mates to batter him. LOL hhahahahahaha its bad enough we sell that sh*t but fam dont take it. This house and Dizz thing is a joke
  5. LOST

    Official Raving Thread.

    I'm not surprised though, the thing I always find funny about these things is I swear House music has always had black people involved whether vocals/production/ djing but we still get blacklisted from the events. Now don't get me wrong I understand the angle of the whole gunman in the rave etc etc, but they could of worded things better cos we all know what that statement meant. I just take this time to see the coons in various social circles because some black people will look down their nose at events like TillTwo/ Circle held by black people and now you aren't getting no love from these "civilised" house raves ... quite funny
  6. LOST

    hiphop Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne

    Nah its the principle.... Don't holla at me for months now you remember me. I can sell them for 2 maybe 3 times the price thats neither here nor there
  7. LOST

    hiphop Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne

    Got 4 lower tiers Block 118 - Sunday 3 lower tiers Block 111 - These are def Keepers for Saturday 3 standing - for Monday or Sunday 1 lower tier Block 110 - Forgot what day. But my phone line has been pinging. Mandem that I aint heard from in a bit have been ringing - I should burn the tickets infront of their faces
  8. Ken Livingstone was coming with the real talk on Sky News. Sky presenter didn't like that at all. The media bias is so bareface!!!
  9. LOST

    house Southport Weekender

    Dont say much on this forum but boy, been looking forward to this event. Gonna go bicester and pick up a couple bits for this event. Gna be some chalet parties going down aswell, get at me if you've arranged any. See you lot there .....
  10. when you say "precious metals" do you mean you want to specialize in gold/silver/platinum/palladium or do you mean all non-ferrous metals in general i.e. copper/zinc/ally etc? why not start trading forex yourself and see if you like it? being a trader is a tough graft mate, especially in the big banks.. they'll only give you one shot and if you flop you wont get another chance. the best route is obviously through a smaller fund but as i'm sure you know getting into one of those is nearly impossible without a connection to a partner or substantial experience. ideally the first group gold/silver/platinum/palladium, was speaking to some traders they insisted a simulated fx account would be the best bet of understanding the trading experience. FX trading is speculative so im just trying to build a strategy or just notice certain patterns that may occur between some of the simplest currency pairs (USD/ GBP GBP/EUR) Thinking of staying in my current position for a few years gain that market knowledge and try to take that into applying for a Jr trading/ analyst position. The only benefit I see with doing it with HSBC is they pay for my certification if i should be given the chance.
  11. At about age 18 wanted to be a Investment banker, now working in HSBC in Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage, ideally want to get into precious metals trading but im young so i will see what doors I can try to open.
  12. LOST

    ViP2 Summer Playlist

    wiz khalifa - mezmorized / the kid frankie
  13. LOST

    Losing Your Darg To His Gal

    the backfire was tremendous
  14. LOST


    Been Bicester twice this week, Bicester is decent ralph lauren is good got some hoodies and body warmers, infact dey got alot in there. Gucci is decent no mens belts, no scarves, no hats, had mens clothing though erm not your bait black green and red sh*t but still quite expensive everything in there was £180 +. Levi's werent too good was expecting to see the 10th anniversary jeans or some special jeans none were there. Ashford Kent is way better for the Levi's. Moncler was decent only had 3 diff puffer jackets and 2 diff longsleeve polo shirts still pretty expensive. D&G, Armani were alright I guess didnt have the time to look to tough(Black peoples time on both occasions smh).Got stopped by police on the way, officer try say we was setting up a line in the area, didnt wanna hear we was going shopping. In the end all the details was legit so he had no choice but to let us go