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  1. Loooool she aint my girl or family I told dude to present some proof or facts if he's really that guy None were given I wouldnt post a ting in this thread unless i had some solid proof i banged in case someone pulled me up on it
  2. lol c'mon man Im regular on this site, don't play dumb dem fantasists der lol Nothing else to see here im out
  3. Who's convinced? Anyone? Looooool these fucking guys, pretending they smashed chicks they really only wank over GTFO of this thread, it's not for you
  4. lol @ that social media info, same place you got the photo's come better then that bro
  5. Baby father? Nah fam, but I know her and she don't know you drop some deets/pics/story or stop lying bruv lol
  6. Bro, you never hit that, I know that for a fact lol
  7. I know this one lol hmmmm you sure bro? Got any pics that you didn't just save off her BB profile lol
  8. The only issue I've got with the film is the corny lines. The film really lacks wit & the characters don't say anything memorable which is strange because the Batman films are filled with memorable lines. Also this Zod is pretty bland and I feel like Michael Shannons acting ability wasn't put to proper use. Apart from that though its sick.
  9. Reading Devil In A Blue Dress at the moment, haven't seen the film yet so it's all fresh. Pretty good.
  10. Films hard, zack snyders a G when it comes to CGI & action sequences. Could have done with some funny one liners in place of the usual "i will stop you" lines but apart from that it was epic.
  11. Almost finished season 3 of Breaking Bad, can't believe this show passed me by......Bitch (those who watch it will get that lol)
  12. Foreign p*ssy is always, ALWAYS better. I just can't believe an NFL baller from the states needs to be flying in WHITE CHICKS from the UK. This particular guy must have been partial to that, you know how these sports guys are, plus she's a "fun" chick, type to invite her friend to join in for a laugh.
  13. even if she is youd still have no chance mate I know her still lol She's defo on black guys but rich ones, she had one NFL player flying her out to the states regular.
  14. I don't even play games much these days but i use my Xbox 360 a lot for the entertainment features so it's possible I'll get the Xbox One. Not feeling how Microsoft are moving though.
  15. Oh shit, David S Goyers writing the Metal Gear Solid movie. That should be sick
  16. I found Real Madrid quite entertaining to watch these past couple seasons. Also found Chelsea entertaining when Robben & Duff were doing their thing. Love that fast counter attacking football Mourinho uses.
  17. Yeh disappointing I like 'January' though
  18. Apparently Jayden is the lead actor & Will Smith is supporting. This leads me to believe Will Smith only took on the role to support his son. Why else would he touch a M. Night Shyalaman film? Reviews look pretty bad so far.
  19. Look how that ended Do you prefer the 2007 team to this one?
  20. These boys are wicked, to be at this level at the ages they are is mad. Can't wait for the album.
  21. I thinks its to do with the qualites women look for in the opposite sex. Very different to what men look for in women.
  22. dont speak to soon lad.. I got a few transfers waiting He's 40 points ahead of you with ONE gameweek to go Sit down
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