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  1. Black Ant


    1. Rise 2. Weary 3. Interlude: The Glory Is In You 4. Cranes In The Sky 5. Interlude: Dad Was Mad 6. Mad feat. Lil Wayne 7. Don't You Wait 8. Interlude: Tina Taught Me 9. Don't Touch My Hair feat. Sampha 10. This Moment 11. Where Do We Go 12. Interlude: For Us By Us 13. F.U.B.U feat. The-Dream & BJ the Chicago Kid 14. Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) feat. Q-Tip 15. Interlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It feat. Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews 16. Junie 17. No Limits 18. Don't Wish Me Well 19. Interlude: Pedestals 20. Scales feat. Kelela 21. Closing: The Chosen Ones
  2. Black Ant

    International Week Sep 2016

    "i can't stop wayne..." lulz
  3. Black Ant

    hiphop Kanye West

    fire emoji
  4. Black Ant

    The Official Athletics Thread

    oh shit she beat the WR and she's not even going to the Olympics
  5. Black Ant

    Euro 2016 Final - France vs Portugal

    Hal Robson Kanu levels of fuckery
  6. Black Ant

    Official Tennis Discussion Topic

  7. Black Ant

    MMA Megathread - UFC / Strikeforce / Bellator

    I'm done with this guy. DC should sue for loss of earnings
  8. Black Ant

    Quarter Final Stage

  9. Black Ant

    Quarter Final Stage

    Boateng to miss
  10. Black Ant

    Quarter Final Stage