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  1. Risky


    lmao he definitely is vida's bitch, carried him all game long
  2. Risky


    egwe hwtrn Mbappe ffs
  3. Risky


  4. Risky

    Summer 2018

    Who’s his agent? from being linked to Barca all the way to Fulham is kinda fucked
  5. Risky

    Quarter Finals

    Yoooo pickford
  6. Risky

    Quarter Finals

    Sweden cant defend for shit England will reach finals
  7. Risky

    Round of Last 16

    Scenes fam deff deserves VIP2 HOF
  8. Risky

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Kane takin the piss now lmao
  9. Risky

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    Stones again u know Panama are done
  10. Risky

    Group Stage Round 1 + Opening Ceremony

    Dead ballers and dead touches all over watch russia top this group lol
  11. Risky

    Summer 2018

    ultimate bargain signing Roma>>
  12. Risky

    FIFA 19

    Best to wait till christmas times tbh easports has this bad habit of reverting back to shitty gameplay after the first few patches
  13. Risky

    The Official Chelsea Thread

    What type of player is Seri? Havent seen much of him roman’s choice. Mostly meaning its a done deal
  14. Risky

    FIFA 18

    They singlehandedly managed to destroy the game Decided to give it a try but fuckin hell still conceding goals after scoring one right from kick off called it quits after not even an hour
  15. Risky

    The Official Chelsea Thread

    Knew things weren’t right when 7million turns out to be “alot” for Sarri. wont be surprised if roman suddenly decides to sell the club, hell anything could happen at this club ffs