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  1. I swear this topic would’ve definitely blown up if it was 10yrs ago lol
  2. Not sure this time who gonna fuck this up even more between us, spurs united and arsenal. Exciting weeks ahead but fuck me what a shambles
  3. That 2nd half was poor, just rings alarm bells that this team needs a revamp ASAP
  4. Finally found the time to finish the story mode, boyy what can i say.. Never had an intense gaming experience like ive had with this game, easily 10/10 that very last mission snatched my soul, shit got me emotional for a solid few days / only thing that got on my nerves was the weapon wheel, each time after a cutscene my weapon choices automatically reset for some weird reason
  5. Blatantly offside, tried to hype the game for shit / Hazard definitely leaving if he continues having to play with Marcos alonso havent seen man get angry at his teammates that bad EVER
  6. whats ur psn? we can rob a train tomororw at noon!
  7. Anyone wants to join me for some posse up missions and lootings? im about on ps4: jaymagiq
  8. Hope willian gets sold next window, easily past his prime and has nothing more to offer same goes for marcos alonso, bang average. not even sure who that was but he got outpaced wayyy too easy by that wolves winger
  9. My question to you all, how would u react/what would u do if u saw someone dressed like that in ur area its become timewasting arguing here in holland about it because most non-blacks still find this OK, but clearly lookin at the backstory its racist as fuck
  10. This Holland team i saw tonight is definitely IT VVD & De Ligt took Mbappe for any guy
  11. Risky

    Thierry Henry

    Bringin on those youngers last couple of games (against psg and club brugge) wont help his case for shit either
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