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  1. The BETA Thread.

    Played the whole day, game’s very enjoyable if u get the hang of it u still can untill tomorrow
  2. FIFA 18

    Anyone on?
  3. The Official Chelsea Thread

    Conte def not surviving a third season i’d consider walking out too when the board is fightin to sign Carroll but ur rivals movin to sanchez lvls are fucked mate
  4. FIFA 18

    Not home tonight, back on tomorrow
  5. FIFA 18

    Not happenin nah? Playin some dropins now
  6. FIFA 18

    I’ll be on in a short hour if anyones jumpin on?
  7. FA Cup 2018 - Round 3

    That was poor kante was solid tho
  8. FA Cup 2018 - Round 3

    lmfao iwobi got nervous boy
  9. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    cant lie them girls and others are FUCKED. how can u carry on living with the thought that u basically killed a kid..scarred for life
  10. Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    170gram in one joint. What a waste
  11. Official Anime / Manga Thread

    Worth the 2week break. guys a fuckin machine!!! Jirren>>>
  12. FIFA 18

    Lool takin a battering i see 🤔
  13. FIFA 18

    Lmao forgot aswell u man still on? Then im jumpin on now
  14. Winter Transfer Window

    from what we spent on bakayoko n drinkwater, thts an amazing bargain

    What apps are u man browsing vip2 on? Have my iphone for years and never downloaded anything else but safari whats the best for iphone?