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  1. Ostersunds win £152>£1146 & Ostersunds or Draw £50>£131 We are horrible away from home and these odds are way too tempting.
  2. Juve just aren’t used to teams coming at them this is why serie A is trash below the top 2
  3. tragic yet comical + 'meeting at a chicken shop'.......
  4. need arsenal fan tv and them man to drag wenger out of the stadium when Iwobi and Xhaka are in the line up next game
  5. Letting Szczesny go is one of Wenger's biggest all time mistakes.
  6. who is making these decisions at Chelsea , a champion winning side at that; barkley drinkwater giroud Dzeko morata Michy Straight garbage
  7. Klopp's teams stay getting found out after a short while. Rodgers 2013/14 liverpool > Salah and friends.
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