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  1. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    both the ref and I had btts praise god ronaldo really did a number on these man back in may they really haven't been the same since
  2. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    Napoli just won the league
  3. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    Palace could beat this AC Milan team club is finished, not winning shit for the next 15 years
  4. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    he's retired from internationals lol & should stay retired tbh
  5. zimbabwe coup?

    mugabe museveni kabila these dinosaur bastards all need to fuck off
  6. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    wasn't expecting this at orr
  7. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Central Croydon has def improved this decade but West Croydon is a whole other story, once you're headed towards lidl on london road it's like jumping into one of the those big paintings on super mario N64, shit takes u to a dust dimension
  8. Week 12 - 17/18 Premier League - NLD

    was about to do my googles to check if we're playing at home or away but then I realised we're losing either way so there was no point mesut sanchez xhaka cech will be the main culprits in this loss
  9. this italy struggle line up
  10. smh cashed out at 240, don't trust these dons
  11. wow morocco 0-1 could be their first world cup appearance since 98 its over 0-2 watch gervinho and zaha fuck this money up for me
  12. The Video Thread part 2

    genocide you know
  13. this ivory coast morocco game coming up should be live - either time wins they qualify, morocco only need a point also (will most likely end in a 0-0) but here's hoping for BTTS btts £170>£4hunna BT Sport 3
  14. Harvey Weinstein

    Weinstein opened up the floodgates its all mad Was in the cinema last week and legit heard boo's when Kevin Spacey appeared at the end of this trailer:
  15. Patrice Evra

    kick was clean still