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  1. played 4 last summer sick of games in Autumn/Winter will most likely play this summer of 2012
  2. for free you can use a combination of jdownloader and megaupload but megaupload will delay your downloads once you reach their 'limit' unless you're willing to buy a rapidshare/hotfile account can't think of anything else
  3. how'd they differentiate between pirate copies and something you recorded yourself?
  4. zeezee

    Academic Thread

    if work's been submitted via turnitin, than it's possible to get caught for plagiarism if you just lift of chunks of previous work and try pass it off as new.
  5. pos for what you did and the wage budget you did it on
  6. England, France, Spain, Italy (Playable)Germany (View Only)
  7. never made my ST hug the touchline before. however when playing a 5-4-1 with an AM on either wing...i always have them cut inside as inside strikers. Usually goals galore with my united team AML = Suarez AMR= Rooney CF = Dzekoyeah just wondering if this is some sort of glitch, strikers hugging the touchline drage the CB out of position so badlythe wideman on the same side cutting in aslong as he gets past his midfield opponent can get a straight run at goalbut maybe it's the quality of opposition in the french league that allows this to happenhaven't played much lately so can't claim it to be universal to all teams/situations
  8. stumbled across somethin so simple but am wondering if it messes with the ai of the gamestriker hug touchline winger cut insideanyone else done this on the right side of a 4-4-2lef
  9. zeezee

    MJ Hold My Hand

    pause 48 seconds in
  10. this game had me spelling region as regen
  11. feel for the younger generationnot just the poor but the middle class aswellpeople acting like every uni is some waste of time shithole which churns out useless graduateswhere are the jobs for school leavers? swear many places will only let you climb the ladder to a certain extent without a degree. . . this may just be an opinion but most the sh*t I've read is, and on a side not I still can't get over the cut to the corporation tax.
  12. players develop more slowly in my gameguys like Sissoko and Tabanou are developing their stats and their nearing their mid 20'sguess they made things more realistic
  13. my man management>>>>>>>>>>Sissoko went from requesting a transfer, to having Toulouse as one of his favourite clubshas a poor opinion of me though
  14. f*ck this, just spent two and a half seasons blooding my under 19's only for my assistant and coaches to suddenly change their mind about all their potentialguess my teams improved and they are no longer going to be leading talents of the futurespent too long managing my under 19's and reserves, f*ck it*sets assistant to manager and do press conferences*/hope my game gets an extra league place, coefficients are quite tight between france german and Italy
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