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  1. U sad bastards missed me that much you followed me to grimeforum?! ain't even been 6 hours. Yo truss the sites gonna blow up big posted it up on FB 2 get ppl on the wave. GRIMEFORUM4Life. Very Impotent Pussies 2 suck out ya muddas. stupid f*ck*ng prick stupid f*ck*ng prick stupid f*ck*ng prick
  2. Spend far too much time on this forum 4real. It used 2 be sick bk in day wi bare jokas n sum world class football banter but the place has changed. Too much PC power ppl feeling good about tryna feel power n wtf is this pos/neg sh*t? killed forum. Nx man asking 2 seee pics n Brian pumper is top boy in this place. Can't do it no more. Moving to grimeforum to get my fix of music, football banter n sh*t. I ain't tulse either so expect man to cum bk wi sum bullshit username I ain't that sad still. So knock yourselfs out. so plz all the wiggaz, fake bitches and about 2 real niggaz on here bring the hate. Coz Jurome has officially left the building. Peace yo.
  3. yep. Remember 2 keep man posted when the next cardiff tune drops. That wretch32 songs inda big u man should do a cover. Mek sure u have Tractors in the vid tho!
  4. Was it 2010 when 1 guy sez he can only watch porn if certain man are in the vid!!! wtf?
  5. i'd be top boy in Cardiff still coz i'm full black. Any niggaz down them sides?
  6. yr the 1 man army crying at every comment. fukin cat, straight feline.
  7. zzzzzzzzzz. big tings 2011. Cardiff stand up.
  8. joka u must think I got time. not saying i'm sik don't even spit no more but would bury this Rob Earnshaw in a 16. The xbox mandem on here have heard my bars still. but uve got enough time to write some irrelevant 16 bar and type it up, which aint particularly special aswell as keep updated on my every comment in ur efforts to be top guy on vip2 ur more gassed than any1 real talk, ego aside, ur failing.... p.s earnshaw is on a fat wage packet...and is in fact ZAMBIAN...not welsh.... do ur research, learn a different approach, and most importantly SUCK UR MUM bless Bet you've got a tear in yr eye as u type. gimp.
  9. Come on Arsene get yr wallet out. Buy a CB send Squid 2 bench n Koshitny to the gym!
  10. can't believe Athletico are gonna flop my ting. Come on Aguero do suttin.
  11. If Villareal and Athletico win this niggas nice. Couple of bills at stake.
  12. Torres Alonso Arbeloa Reina Mascherano Should i go on? Don't be daft. You can have Arbeloa, Torres was already dutty before he went Liverpool infact he was better at Athletico than he is now just he scores more goals now. Torres was at his peak about 2 years ago. Alonso same as Torres would of been sick anywhere and he used u lot as a stepping stone. U can have masch and reina same as the other spanish boys he hasn't improved at pool coz he was dutty already.
  13. bap IF ANdy Carroll 2.2k lool!
  14. it's cool i'll wait and don't dare try and say Liverpool made Torres or Alonso cause they were dutty b4 Liverfool.
  15. U 2 sound like u having pillow talk u f*ckin faggits. Johnson Cole Agger Skrtel Babel Jovanovic Aurellio Insua do i need to go on? suck out. name me 5 players who have improved at pool.... i'll wait.
  16. so which one of Athletico and Villareal are gonna cost me a couple of bills then?
  17. If u go Liverpool u stay at the same level or get worse. FACT.
  18. runs past players like they not there. Pool ain't got nobody who does that. most dangerous winger they gots Johnson n he plays defence lool!
  19. Cardiff game over/ d*ckhead, your not in the game to begin with/ You could give me a map and a satnav/ Cardiff? Where the f*ck it is/ Your bars are weaker than an anorexic/ welsh chick, you tried 2 wifey, TTL just blessed it/ with a wet d*ck/ you lipsed it left it with a wet lip/ told her u love her/ while I moved on 2 the nx chick/ My button don't ever thing u can press it/ u chat wet sh*t, your mixtapes, whens it dropping?/ ain't no fuker copping/ except yr mums and your offspring/ That gut SK0 is not him/ this dudes lame so i'm gonna llow him and get off him/ blood if i had a mic and spat that to the game over beat. yr career would b dead. freestyle tip.
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