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  1. NES. SNES. Gameboy. Dreamcast. PS1. XBox 360. The End
  2. Why would people queue up for GRs? You can get them from any shop anywhere lol I'll just wear my cement IVs now the MBs are out. And wear the blues when the black/reds drop. I'm going to batter my Raptors and Olympic 7s too
  3. Yeezy 2s wouldn't even sell if they were 'Air Trainer 4' and £100. They look sh*t. Would have considered the black ones. But this hype is dead. Nike are mocking their fanbase. I just ordered the Military blue IVs online. Was annoyed to see the Olympic and Raptor VIIs are dropping again this year. *sigh*
  4. I have 3 pairs of the Uptempo Retros from the last few years. Had some huge jamaiacan guy chase me down Oxford Street and stop me when the white/silver ones dropped and I rocked them.
  5. PSOne gams will all work on the Vita in the next couple of months. There's a firmware patch coming. I asked that specifically the other day. There's some decent games coming: http://uk.ign.com/wikis/ps-vita/PS_Vita_Games_List
  6. Only people who will better this are Microsoft. Apple have no interest in anything that does more than run mini useless apps. It's a fantastic piece of kit. Looks f*ck*ng amazing and the battery life is fine for day to day use. If you are going away then get something else to watch films on cos this isnt built for that. As someone said, the cloud based stuff will make this things incredible. And when the PS Classic games are available in a couple months I will be gassed.
  7. The only thing annoying about releasing older titles digitally is they take f*ck*ng FOREVER to do it.
  8. If you are doing anything else other than clap and splash you are doing it wrong
  9. All of Hugo's good stuff is + loads on block.
  10. Free to play casual session from 5pm til midnight at Gamerbase today with 5-6 set ups. Make the effort to go down
  11. lol You wont be able to use those characters in tournament or online for about 6 months anyway, so it's a bit mythy tbh
  12. Continuing the VIP2 tradition historic topics... this game is here for a while people
  13. It's actually f*ck*ng sick. I don't expect it to sell loads immediately because 1stly its more expensive than a PS3 and secondly there's no visible use for it yet. As they expand it, and add all the cool cloud based media in the next 5 years it will be amazing.... unless Microsoft or apple make a better one.
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