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  1. OH YESSSSSSSSSS I SOOOOOO WANTED THIS!!! WOOOP!!!SUKH KNIGHT IS A BADMAN PRODUCER!!!!Hold tight you man 4 bringing him on to the show!!! I enjoyed it fully ...I was skanking to most of his tunes ... Diesel not Petrol in particular!
  2. I LOVE THIS TUNE!!!The chick in the video is alot!!!!!! The video is good quality actually
  3. Rinse ... Random impulse... Shocka ... hmmmm VortexQuite alot of O.G members like Blacks and Jendor ... i'll need to think deeply about this ... hmmm
  4. I think that is gay ... Grime is a whole different genre to house LOL wtf!But i do think Grime's genre name should be changed ...
  5. When grime passed 2004Wiley's Publicity stunt about him retiring and then releasing an album like a few months after it When Crazy Titch went to prison 4 murderWhen DVA became an average Radio DJ instead of being an amazing producer that he was When Flirta D bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb his way out of the grime sceneWhen Low Deep went 4 ages without any1 hearing from him
  6. I do have a myspace but i haven't done anything with it yet ...I'll be having a fully functioning myspace by the end of september and an EP released by november :)But i'll be uploading beats on here soonish see how the crowd feels about my music :DThey'll be a thread on here which will have a link 4 myspace so keep on a look out
  7. Hi im Digital Phaze :DI'm a producer :)Produce Grime, Dubstep, Dance, Electro, Funky House, DnB, Experimental ... practically anything :DI like forums... Music threads in particular and usually check out the generals. I'll be posting my music through threads so you can give me feedback.Holla if you have any questions 4 me, i'd be happy to answer them :)Peace
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