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  1. Racism In Football

    My Saturday team last year were always desperate to get the brothers in the shower after game. "oh com'on we know all you brothers have got weapons under there" Straight yard after games, sweaty and still with chalk on my thigh.
  2. Learning To Code

    There's a free sql conference happening around the country for those interested. https://www.sqlrelay.co.uk/ Will be hitting the Brum one, learnt some great stuff at SQL bits this year so hoping this one will be just as valuable.
  3. Week 05 - 17/18 Premier League & EFL Cup R3

    dl ]d[al[] ;ad ; ]sda;] s;ad] ;sad ];sd das;lsad[]l;]d[s[]dsasda
  4. Vegan Gang

    Also very true.
  5. Vegan Gang

    Of course it's a touchy subject for the most part. There are many arguments for it and many good ones against it. I suppose it comes down to our limited knowledge of fish physiology, they are completely different from us biological, very simple brains and no neocortex. They're missing a lot of things 'that we know' are integral to having real consiciousness in other animals. We don't know if they operate in a different way.
  6. Neymar

    lol them custom built goalpost there
  7. Vegan Gang

    A fish barely has consciousness, and doesn't have a conscious awareness of pain. Not like meat and poultry, which are sentient creatures, that have emotions, consciousness, intelligence, and feel pain in the same way humans do.
  8. Recommendations - No Spoilers

    IT is sick, sooo well done. Improved on everything in the original. Bill Skargard as pennywise>>>>>
  9. Rick and Morty

  10. North Korea

    Jakskjdbnsjdkdjbdnd NK got the best ghostwriters in the business, hands down.
  11. North Korea

    Such a pisstake.