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  1. Nah DUP said they’ll back her. Should’ve waited to find out what May’s plan will be, which is supposed to be monday, and then waited to see the reaction to it.
  2. The attention this is getting is crazy. It's in most of the main newspapers, all the favourite alt right personalities are hammering it. GREAT marketing campaign.
  3. this is what i keep saying, drill is just a symptom of the disease.
  4. Heero Yuy


    The haunting of hill house>>>>>> Only two episodes in and it's already better than most horror films. If you love tension and psychological based horror give it a go.
  5. Couldn't find the words to express how I feel on these kind of debates but you've summed it up perfectly.
  6. Man got them highlander swords.
  7. pmsl this guy don't give a shit. he's living
  8. FAMM i was thinking the exact same thing today funnily enough.
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