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  1. Heero Yuy

    The Picture Thread (NO Chicks or NSFW) pt2

    it's because he worked for Fox still. Haven't read anything that said he's a trump supporter. there's talk that he actually left fox because of the way they've basically become trumps network but that's just speculation.
  2. Heero Yuy

    Sexual Bucket Lists

  3. Heero Yuy

    Playstation Classic - December 3rd

    Nintendo need to drop the n64 mini. golden eye mario karts ocarina of time Star fox line up would be too much
  4. Heero Yuy

    United States of Brutality

    That female cop handled herself excellently, didn't let herself get sucked in.
  5. Heero Yuy

    Official Twitter Thread

  6. Heero Yuy

    United States of Brutality

    fox are ON JOB. every single person is going IN on fox, even all the conservatives.
  7. Heero Yuy

    DC Comics Thread (Feature Films)

    DCU = dead cinematic universe
  8. Heero Yuy

    United States of Brutality

    https://reason.com/blog/2016/08/10/six-weeks-later-la-sheriffs-department-a a shambles of a country.
  9. Heero Yuy

    Official Twitter Thread

    Whitney went full
  10. Heero Yuy

    President Donald Trump Thread

  11. Heero Yuy

    Official Twitter Thread

    Oiiiii i’d want charges pressed, could’ve killed man, or seriously injured.
  12. Heero Yuy

    Colin Kaepernick

    LeBron just built a school.
  13. Heero Yuy

    afc Hector Bellerin - One Route To Being The World's Best RB

    Ffs whens Unai gonna unleash Torreria