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  1. yo this brudda looks cold AF
  2. That e-honda speed
  3. f/][;oiooii ];rggroioioi ];grklkliioi ];r;re][.re[]re ];]'']e;[]f][lrplreplrrrrf;re f]errlprlpl[plp[rlp[rglp[lerp[ler[p SJW's about to go SSJ3
  4. One of the worst things I can imagine happening to someone. They definitely need to start handing out some solid sentences for people on this ting.
  5. Dunno why Gambs is being negged for posting that Trump tweet. \ Cs american food being shit, do not want.
  6. 'gr,]egr gr; ]gr;gr ];gr ];gt ]gt;[]rt;][lrt][lt[pgtgr[p;rg];eg[]ltep]4t ]t4; [4t; t4; ]t5; 5t5;t5 ];t ;t5 [y; th hrt; trh th;ht ht' ty'
  7. ijiol\;\]; ]; ]l]pk] \ ]; my body is ready
  8. OP getting a live action TV adaptation / Big Mom is a fucking beast, lol @ the nimbus tek, bitch covered a couple miles in a instant Yonko level is no joke, I can feel a time skip coming soon because luffy is nowhere ready for ANY of the people he gonna have to throw arms with. Also Dogtooth saying luffy will be a problem in the future sorta hints at it too.
  9. Loool the barbell bench has caught a couple bodies still. Got caught out on incine about 6 weeks ago, luckily managed to style it out.
  10. We need a afflete way before we need a Cazorla replacement. Wenger really gonna keep trying to paper over that crack until the end of existance.
  11. Ye that's crazy still.
  12. lol fammm Replacing one of the biggest game players of orrrrr time with coutinho