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  1. Heero Yuy

    Pre Season Topic

    sd.ds'.'dsd/ #/ #sd #ds His boy arguing the card aswell "com'on it's his first tackle ref"
  2. Heero Yuy

    Summer 2018

    this is a mad sentence.
  3. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    Yes. but that’s exactly what i’m getting at. It’s not a quest for traditional justice at this point. His victim and the movement are out to ruin his life. As I said, after what he did it’s fair game, I won’t lose sleep over it. I just have a problem with people dressing it up as something it isn’t. I’m not into all this trial by twitter, petitions to get people sacked etc. It’s just ugly. \ if he worked in any other profession he’s be gone and rightly so. But the standards are very low in hip hop. It’s full of drug dealers, wife beaters, alleged rapists, killers, and general wronguns.
  4. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    lol i feel like i'm defending man when thats not my remit tbh. I'm asking what the end game is, if it's the truth then that's fine. Although the victim has said herself that she wants the case reopened for closure, and that seems like the end goal to me. She would've been advised through legal channels that it won't happen for various reasons mentioned. so this is why i'm asking why i'm asking what the real point of this all was, if not to just let the mob deal with it in the public arena, which is what we are seeing. i just wish people could be more honest. Like in a idealistic world she probably deserves a do over. But at best she can ruin his life because in her eyes he doesn't deserve to be where he is, and in part he's definitely ruined hers. And in that she 100% has a case.
  5. Heero Yuy

    Who are the top 5 premier league keepers?

    pool are actually on bits
  6. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    ok and everything you've said is fair. but none of that is a end goal. From what i've saw she's tried to get the case re-opened, based on no new evidence. so now we're in trial by the mob, and i'm not involved in that.
  7. Heero Yuy


    hope it bangs. I like M.night, seems like one of the few guys willing to take risks. They don't always pay off but I respect that fact he keeps going.
  8. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    deffo trolling
  9. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    What's the end game here though? His past is clearly dirty, he's been open about that, old evidence only re-affirms the character he said he was.
  10. Heero Yuy

    Harvey Weinstein

    lol there's a decent number of man that backed this metoo movement, only to be eaten by it when their own history came to light. Mad thing is there's probably a few man who backed it because how they acted when they were younger resonated with what they're hearing about. But instead of being championed as the men who have done wrong, admitted it and championing the new cause, metoo just stringing them up too unless your history is perfect, men just need to stay away from this and let it run it's course.
  11. Heero Yuy

    President Donald Trump Thread

    Steve Bannon on good morning Britain lifes mad yanno
  12. Heero Yuy

    Summer 2018

    pure banter. that own goal, and the one where the keeper literally thought fuck it. howling
  13. Heero Yuy

    Thai boys stranded in cave

    early simpsons>>>>> way too many moments, need a thread.
  14. Heero Yuy

    Thierry Henry Appreciation Thread

    fair assessment imo