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  1. Is anyone married yet? LOL
  2. I had to even come back for this. WOW
  3. Good idea. We're FINALLY moving it to an actual recording studio as of this Sunday so may touch on it but will only delve deeper once I've been there for a while and I've progressed sufficiently i.e. working with the elite academy group. At Arsenal it goes... 1. Development centre 2. Advanced squad 3. Academy I'm confident I can be put in charge of an advanced squad by the end of this season and once I start my UEFA A License, get more experience, etc, than can start aiming for the Academy.
  4. Afternoon family. Been a minute. First session with Arsenal (U13 Development) tonight. We're out here working. Love.
  5. If Portugal win this tournament, international football is on ban for 4 years.
  6. What's up lads? First episode in a while, but we're back. Doing regular podcast covering every round of games for the Euro's and I'm even hosting this episode. Please take a listen and share, share, share via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.
  7. FFS. Would have kidnapped her SMH.
  8. Michel Kane

    24: Legacy

    It looks so dry man, lol.
  9. Mad, haven't beat a ting during the week in the LONGEST.
  10. I feel you bruh. gift and the curse
  11. Was moving too active last night and missed out on a top target because she preed me speaking to other women, even on one occasion apparently within an earshot of her. Still grabbed some good food but I really need to stop moving so flagrantly when I'm on the wave, SMH.
  12. Yeah, I tried to get an apartment there but Airbnb were shegging me differently. May have to change my profile picture to a White guy or something. Only staying 10-15 mins away TBH
  13. Who's been to Stockholm recently? Need a report, going alone for my birthday next weekend.
  14. No, -Lacazette -Dembele -Corchia -Rabiot -Ben Arfa / Valbuena and Benzema not going makes sense. Political stakes are high, especially with us hosting, the bomb incident and World Cup 2010.
  15. Is it really lit like that? What is the quantity and quality of lighties saying beloved?
  16. A lot of it depends on the levels of girls. Location too. If you can make it in London, you can make it anywhere in the world.
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