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  1. There will be no new forum. And if there is, I will take over that aswell. It's not hard.
  2. Swiftie and Faze - I will allow you two to be part of The Team.Ice - You will remain in Team c*nt forever.All new Team c*nt/The Team/Moderators members - I will talk with my partner and we will discuss who will remain and who will be removedThose who were ghosted (for no reason) - I apologise for my partners rash decisions but it is only a forum. Make a new account and enjoy this new and improved VIP2.5This forum will now continue to run as normal. Good dayP.S. - Dave, remember that dark day you decided to ban me? Yeah..P.P.S - This is not a stupid f*ck*ng prick takeover. We have the best intentions for all of you.P.P.P.S - First thing on the agenda is removing that T.roll word editing thing.
  3. You're a tosser.Ban me for 99999 days and your life and the life of your unborn child is cursed.
  4. When people say this on here is this a way of shutting down peoples opinions on things?At what point is my opinion on someone seen as not letting them live their life?I have a cousin.She always has something to say about something. Yesterday we were in Westfield doing a bit of shopping. I was buying a pair of trainers and we see a girl wearing them shiny leggings in front of us. She was sexy still.Anyway, my cousin noticed a tattoo on her wrist saying "Benjamin". Then starting ranting on to about how she's stupid for getting it done blah blah the guy will probably leave her.I was likeBitch (I didn't really say that)How do you know its not her sons nameOr a family member/friend that passed awayShe's like well I'm just saying if it is her boyfriend then it was a stupid move.I didn't want to get into some long debate with her about why this total stranger got this name tatt'd on her arm so I just told her to live her life.But the point of me telling you this is that the above story was a very suitable time to tell her to live her life.Some posts on here aren't.First person to reply "live your life" is a salad tosser.
  5. Ahh sh*tLOL @ this comment.Zodiac_69, added 2 months ago (Report Spam/Abuse) Holy sh*t! I used to be 100% straight but this dude just made that number drop to 99%.
  6. *Insert Mizchiefs GIF saying YOU d*ckHEAD here*
  7. :lol: OH sh*t aint this guy frank white(parrist)Lol yeah I am.
  8. Just read through this.So many quotables.Thread reminds me of certain scenarios in secondary school (There were no shemales in my school)___>>>Frank WhiteSomeone needs to teach this yout how to post.*Insert Samuel L. Jackson GIF saying 'Read the motherf*cking thread before you motherf*cking post'*
  9. You know when you're in the shower or something and a topic comes to your head that you know will be 10+ pages.But then you forget. . .Or am I the only one that thinks about VIP2 when away from VIP2?
  10. How often is too much in your opinion?
  11. Sister copped these last week.Serious purchase.One in my room, one in her room and one in the kitchen. I see you hating.
  12. Lol.Drew one ting when I was in college outside one footlocker.As we were talking her mother and older sister come up to us.I decided to wrap up there and ask for the digits.She gave me the digits in front of her parents and I was ghost. Called her later and she was like "That was my mum and my sister you know. Mum said you were rude not to introduce yourself"Lol I didn't even look in her mums face long enough for no introduction or to see her expression.No acknowledgement whatsoever
  13. Just shows the law and common sense do not go hand in hand.
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