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  1. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed bare references to tea in this series?
  2. Returns: £168.49 07/11/2012 GBP 37.36 Double: CHELSEA @ 21/20 Betid 28906074800 Time: 17:12 Bet Type: Double Stake: £ 37.36 EVENT SELECTION PRICE E/W TERMS STATUS CHELSEA V SHAKHTAR DONETSK CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Match Betting - 90 Mins Chelsea 21/20 Win only Settled SPORTING BRAGA V MAN UNITED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Match Betting - 90 Mins Man United 6/5 Win only Settled
  3. im there. Sold out already, was just about to buy a ticket
  4. Massive bump but these guys are still better than 80% of the U.K rap artists out atm. R.A would be top of the game if he was on road.
  5. Year 10/11 times for me...classics.
  6. lol anyone just hear the guy on lbc? said there was a group attacking feds and goes "I hope the blacks do em"
  7. yea handsworth police station has been done, pic on bb but its long uploadin off there
  8. Joe Black's verse on that out here tune....realest verse on a uk rap tune i've heard...big.
  9. Wileys so blatantly yayo'd out his nut in this vid.
  10. Tanna inside aswell now lol. Wana hear some new stuff from these man, the sbtv freestyle den den did was too sick.
  11. That all of the lights tune is amazing, never really a fan of tunes like that at all but wow. Should of just kept the version with drake and rhianna tho.
  12. Someone reccomend me a few mixtapes of his
  13. T.I was sick, remember hearin rubberband man when I was like 13-14, was too much, fell off so hard now. Game Its unreal how much scorchers changed, guy had the full package, greeze bars, sick flow and delivery, now he's my 14 year old sisters favorite artist. Pac Snoop Dre (chronic 2001 used to get played daily)
  14. Somethin happened at eskimo dance or sidewinder between em if i remember right.
  16. Beg someone ups real doe or tells me where I can get it from, been listening to the youtube video of it for like 2-3 years
  17. lol, what did you do??I hope for your sake you grabbed this bitch and said where you going?Nah, didnt even bother you know, didnt wana be chasin too hard!What? So she invited you there on your own and then left you? So who was she with? Who else were you with? Explain in more detail please because it currently sounds ridiculous.Vent: I'm trying to f*ck this chick to punish the guy that blocked me and is also trying to f*ck her. All was going well, then today she has some cryptic status about something feeling weird but feeling so right. People are commenting asking if it's about a dude and she
  18. lol, what did you do??I hope for your sake you grabbed this bitch and said where you going?Nah, didnt even bother you know, didnt wana be chasin too hard! Yeaa before I seen her, she was speakin to some other guy, duno if it was that or what.
  19. Girl on saturday asked me to link her in this bar, had 2 texts along the lines of " where are u babe xx" thinkin shes on it hard, get there, see her, she just says " hi you alright?" hugs me, looks at me funny and walks off! Nearly gave the bitch some sweet chin music.
  20. I get slated every time I say it, but I thought he was sick.
  21. Beg you re-up this on zshare or something, its had over 10 downloads.
  22. He did a vocal of staggering and some other tune aswell, thats all I know of.
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