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  1. Wale


    Yeah getting into clubs is like a guest list. Try go spy bar. , visit the old cI was looking to go this month as well. Hotels prices was too much for a city break. Visit the old town for ur sightseeing
  2. Wale


    was thinking of hitting the states summer, but flights tickets are a joke so going in September instead. thinking of going to a QuickEuropean sunny break for a week. nothing bait like Ibiza or Napa. somewhere i can relax, decent enough nightlife, but also do excursions such as water sports etc. i heard malta very nice and rental cars are cheap, but also heard its boring as well. any recommendation guys for the top of your heads.. and yeah which also attracts a decent amount of young people. dont wanna go to a place and end up seeing OAPS
  3. Yup another Newcastle topic. Lol 2016 update. So lads going there in two weeks, we booked a table at tup tup on a Saturday, whats good on a Friday though
  4. Wale

    FAO Man:Barbers

    i always ask for forward, so waves can start showing. i swear my african barbers have no skills, like taper, fades. good for shape up thoughs, ill say yardies are the best, the fresh rasta ones.
  5. Wale

    FAO Man:Barbers

    whats that a white time? cah ive seen your post and you recommended mandem to touch them white barbers looooool
  6. Wale

    FAO Man:Barbers

    Mandem, so what trim is everyone rocking now. I grew my hair out for a minute cause of winter and just went with the sponge ting and got the sides taper. it was then too much for work, so im going trim it now, maybe back to waves. im looking to get a level 2 now with the sides taper. whos the the best barber in south ? that gives good trims, like fades on point, shape up is sharrrrp. all clippers are up to date. im so sly picky with barbers, got a decent one, but with my beard this nigga never does it sharp and his lowers the shit. i got to this dominican barber in old kent road just for my beard to be trim lol, anyone follow @barbershopconnect on insta. post good trims.
  7. Wale


    The word L is been using quite loosely tbh. Real talk yungen calling him self a lightie just sounds wrong and suspect
  8. Wale


    How's Paigey in the mix? Was she messing with one of them. Swear she's a virgin
  9. Lol I get the really where question a lot . But I've clocked do you know how much the British culture is idolised and admire. If you asked people around the world would they love to have a British accent or a passport people would say yes in a heartbeat. So when they see us ethnic people and we say we from London and we was born here and doesn't have the real British accent it confuseD them/ To the accent, I'm assuming most people here are from London. A large number of us have this London accent which is Caribbean influence from white to black everyone sounds like this now living in London. So imagine how we sound like to people from outside of the UK. Even black Americans have said I don't sound like I'm British , so I sly understand why people are confuse.
  10. Question so when someone from outside the UK ask you where are you from what's your reply. I work in a hotel so guest from the states or Australia will randomly ask where you from? I say London. Lol the looks on there face, some don't believe black peoples are actually born n raised in London and some have actually said to me that I don't have a British accent lol. They expect you to speak like Harry porter . While English guest know straight away that I'm from London cause of my accent. So from now on when guest from outside ask me I just tell them Sierra Leone
  11. Wale


    Fuck drake d*ckriding is in an all time high right now, tbh meek diss wasn't that bad seems like a warm up for me, as I said before meek can drop the hottest shit it wil get shitted on, it's not a rap beef it's a popularity contest right now, so meek lost he should just take this L right now and keep it moving, this will die out in a couple weeks. Look how this reference tracks have just dropped and no one gives a shit
  12. Wale


    Tbh drake has won, his got such a huge fan base and too many d*ckriders right now. Whatever meek does or say he can't win. Imo I think meek will come with a diss and it will be hard but he'll still get a a lot of hate and it it will be called shit etc. meek coming at drake was wrong, even with the ghost writing shit, look how many people are just brushing it off, I know if this was Ross,all hell well break lose and Ross will be consider even more of a fraud.
  13. Wale


    Over in the states right now (D.C) for a holiday. Used tinder like on a Monday night, matched on a Tuesday spoke to the girl in the morning she said she will be jogging around the area I said come say hi to me' she wanted to here my British accent, said hi and ended up given me head. Kept it moving...
  14. Policy about moving to guests? Beg you take a photo of that. Your "movements" should take the guise of regular conversations, which you should try and hold at the front desk for as long as possible. There is no policy against being charming. Not like that but these times where people move to guest and the guest told management as some people get the wrong end of the stick and thought guest were on them like someone in the past had asked for numbers direct. That's why I ask for emails tbh. I'm just waiting for summer when the Arabs folks to centreal. They're on black dudes
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