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  1. llow explaining yourself for living YOUR life
  2. there are a million ways to make money a job is just one of them
  3. Hes took the picture down so theres no way its possible to get back up? Basically it was picture of some hench black c*ck in some fat chicks titts with grafiti on their boobs. DST was trying pass that c*ck off as his own lol
  4. Immature attitude to have IMOwould you call your bredrin your close boy after only knowing them for a couple of weeks?
  5. NiNES.

    Crime Network

    bubub bang bang bang!
  6. i think hes just posting what the bitch said mate
  7. NiNES.

    what race are you?

    whats not interesting to you might be interesting to someone else facebook thread was the best thread on here its not everytime someone wants to talk about the f*ck*ng holocost or the countryside or politics
  8. NiNES.

    what race are you?

    if you were looking for a pAWZe you could have just asked cuddy
  9. NiNES.

    what race are you?

    http://lockerz.com/s/130682128 reh
  10. NiNES.

    what race are you?

    Hold titts the haytax
  11. lol 3 years experience? i think there just tellin u that mate
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