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  1. I would bang up everyone bellow me. No lie. And the person above me too. He is a pedo!

  2. thing is ur technically,naturally, and genetically too schoopid to be that witty and funny.i could bet on it being logan but, thats a serious long shot.That made me laugh to be honest. Especially the fact how you tried to call me stupid and spelt stupid wrong.
  3. All about morning sex. Great start to the day. Like having your Weetabix.
  4. Just shut your f*ck*ng face you c*nt.hahahahahafeelings got caught still.
  5. I reckon it's JME or one of them man. Private joke ting.
  6. Know what...Industry hater.. I beg you cuss me off..Cuss my mum or something. I will allow it to happen this time.Get me some more hits gee on my music and I will send you a cut.Hate away.
  7. Wooah! one minute.. I accept my voice is sh*t.. but no soul? are you mad?
  8. Yeah man, I realise that my voice ain't that strong. I just need to find the right person to sing the songs. These are just a few of my ideas. Saying this, Bob Dylan couldn't really sing.
  9. Listen.. I will bang you all day, all night and all morning.. just come through. It's nothing long.You are wet all the time.. I am hard all the time.Lets make it happen.
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