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  1. East London To Get An All-Asian Shopping Mall

    Lool you man are clueless. Nothing is what it seems. If you actually knew hahahahahaha
  2. East London To Get An All-Asian Shopping Mall

    Who cares? It's not the first time this has happened. Oriental City was about for ages in ends.
  3. O.T. Topic

    Solid tape. Go cop that.
  4. FAO RichKid

    1st pic on twitter He has a s3 He talks about his s3 in the smartphone topic Man was chatting shit to hank I obviously wanna prove that this whole Rich Kid thing is bullshit but everyone has an S3 so that's not gonna help.
  5. FAO RichKid

    It's not just Faze though, it's the whole mod team saying the ip is matching.
  6. FAO RichKid

    My name is Hugo lesean. Everyone knows that from RWD days.
  7. FAO RichKid

    Since rich kid started posting. Not every single post, but alot match up on occasions. (Static ips) So rich kid is you or its some eleborate but fucked up plot line with one of your boys Wierd So there's been times where the locations and IP's are different between me and him? Obviously you all want to believe this is some amazing storyline, but come to your senses.
  8. WWE Thread

    New age Y2J.
  9. FAO RichKid

    Jokes innit.
  10. FAO RichKid

    Well it's obivous I'm Adidas and everyone knows my name's Hugo and those from RWD will know how I look like so what's this about me being Rich Kid too. How long do the IP addresses add up and if I was trying to post from a different account why would I brazenly use the same IP when it's so easy to get traced. Makes no sense.
  11. FAO RichKid

    Rah, what's going on here?
  12. FAO RichKid

    Fuck it, said it from day. Rich Kid = Adidas
  13. Video Thread (No Music Vids)

  14. The Random Picture Thread

    If it's so hard to afford, why is it such an issue to you? Pretty sure if it was a Nissan you wouldn't have said anything. So what if the BMW sign is showing whether it was premeditated or not, how does that not make it his car? Fuck outta here.
  15. The Random Picture Thread

    Love how when anyone on here happens to show anything which can be slightly deemed as luxurious, their chastised for not earning it themselves. Sour cunts.