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  1. Official Twitter Thread

    The thought is baffling. Cant imagine it.
  2. Official Twitter Thread

    Let them all talk, so you know who not to take seriously. I love this game.
  3. Becky Adenuga

    Nothing can make me call another black woman a slave ffs. Dont care what she said or did, theres other insults if you wanna take it there. He is a final coon.
  4. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Got the blicky, uh, drum it holds fifty, uh
  5. The World of Art

    i want some for the house any recommendations on where to cop thats decent?
  6. Maya Jama

    energy would be dialed down 40% \ the grievances are legit, and good points madness is when it gets into the territory of "why dont you find my darkskin friend attractive" like her by force shes just not nice..
  7. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    its fascinating to watch tbh, big circus with the same topics over and over but some level headed people dotted around i dont participate
  8. @CrepesAndCones

  9. Drake

    His Bm face strength is 90
  10. Drake

    King push
  11. @CrepesAndCones

    Nah whats this who served that thinking it would bang 😂😂😂😂
  12. Maya Jama

    With bass too But on the flip side let her live
  13. Work & Life

    Just your typical coons I never understood it

    That can never be brought back ever
  15. Harry marrying his lighty

    Im gonna park the wokeness first half of the summer...