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  1. That's riiiiiiigt
  2. Which one. What's the doc called
  3. Result.
  4. A lot of wild racist thoughts on twitter Bastards still bitter he got off results coming in...
  5. this lol
  6. Exactly
  7. This
  8. Nope, catch those, check them immediately and exit convo. \ I don't know what your doing. Political term you know lol. As you lot were.
  9. Part of me hoped they were just hating. It was that bad. 2pac actor was good tho, just needed a better entire film.
  10. Was horrible. Watch online.
  11. Preference justified in experience 3rd parties giving lists more like. You lot know. How are people aggy about what a man wants 😅. It's his life. No different a woman wanting a tall man, while el chapo still beats
  12. This is all personal preferences and fair game When a woman gives u a list of want she wants, it's even more bants A no smoke and Tattoo rule is sound
  13. This Very surprised
  14. Were did u cop usain
  15. Imagine being in a tank warring in that heat Too hot to war ffs