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  1. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Leave comedy/satire out of this, that's an art form that exaggerates life and music isn't exempt. It's the whole point of it. None of you should have ever laughed at a Corey Holcomb, Patrice Oneal, Dave Chapplle, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor if you wanna take it there. But when a someone barely out of puberty talks about murdering op down the road, or the glorification of selling poison to your people and see u the result in your local paper the beat bangs init. Be consistent.
  2. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Can't take this discussion to cooning, as killing op talk with intent compared to comedy are two different. The former the definition of cooning.
  3. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    I'm dead pmsl
  4. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    Get me. Croydon for what.
  5. Roadman Shaq FITB [Charlie sloth fuckery]

    Don't understand how anyone can hate on him in any capacity.
  6. zimbabwe coup?

    Lol whos my kind
  7. Black Friday

    It's that time again Amazon starting today
  8. Premium Hotel Thread

    ....so what were the best towels or items you lot stole? Nearly took a duvet from Dublin. Was so sawft.
  9. zimbabwe coup?

    Poetry \ I get daemons gon daemon but no one should support Mugabe, just a 93 year old man nodding to his demonic wife. *Was.
  10. zimbabwe coup?

    It's over. About face your problems https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2017/nov/15/zimbabwe-army-control-harare-coup-robert-mugabe-live
  11. zimbabwe coup?

    That's fucking hilarious
  12. zimbabwe coup?

    If so Mugabes run has been mad. Oh well

    Your doing the right thing deleting. Life is too short to sweat one girl to like you.
  14. General Election 2017

    Noticed smaddy bare friendly with local lately Can hear the giggles from here ..on VIP2 territory are you mad?!
  15. Rating Chicks