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  1. That train ride in was like riding to hades
  2. Its shit init, never working this close to xmas again Im just walking around the office chatting shit
  3. Donny who done this got away with it ? Its defo one of the residents near by who wanted sleep or greenpeace
  4. Regardless the morality of the tweets being dug up etc etc.. How is man saying "i do" to that..forever..legally...knowing all this. ????????
  5. British arrogance is amazing. So many happy with no deal and "trading with the rest of the world" like it empire part 2. Wtf. Willing to die on a sinking ship as long as it has your name on it. Fucking clowns.
  6. Lol @ whoever is putting up there hand to be pm now
  7. Gonna finish myself at the open bar xmas work ting I deserve it, they deserve it
  8. Someone will always be your age or younger and make more than you. Better to use that energy which is natural and pree how they did it. Based on the bold you are ahead of MOST these days
  9. I think were at a point were the majority on here are close to or are old heads Are you satisfied so far? Excited for the future or nah?
  10. "But but but hes different with meeee" Silly heauxs.
  11. Lol a tramps exposed and she displays her shame nationally. Both Ls. If a guy wrote her thread he would be moist, is attention that great?
  12. What is pro black tho? If this forum can agree on a one sentence definition then proper opinons can be formed.
  13. Gonna play the fuck outta this
  14. Can clear my mind and collapse anywhere
  15. Peace of mind >>>> everything No amount money or buffness will come inbetween if it aint worth the short term hassle.
  16. Supermalt

    Work & Life

    Would defo work in dam. Barca is a shout too
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